Statements The lack of awareness about the right

StatementsLearning English as a second language is difficult you practice communicating in English inside and outside the classroomYou feel that the environment in your institute is ideal to communicate in EnglishCommunication with your companions in English can help you to enhance your speaking powerYou feel anxious when you communicate in EnglishYou utilize Urdu vocabulary while communicating in English languageYou face challenges in Speaking English because of the lack of knowledge related to the languageYou are able to use correct English grammar in your communicationYou can not speak in English fluently due to the lack of vocabulary 10 You abstain from communicating in English due to the fear of being laughed by others 11 You do not communicate in English because you are afraid of making errors 12 Grammar is an other obstacle in speaking English 13 Nervousness and Lack of certainty is one of the issue that make you unfit to speak in English 14 The lack of awareness about the right pronunciation of English words can stop you to speak in English 15 Class discussions, class exercises, presentations and group discussions can enhance speaking skills 16 Watching English movies, reading books and newspapers can assist you to improve your English 17 Your instructor appreciates you when you speak in English in the class.

18 De-motivation by the instructor in the class suppress your level of confidence in speaking in English

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