Statement Spark of the idea led me all

Statement of PurposeAnvithReddy Cholleti Kidsin the past used to get a chance rarely to play with mobile Phone and Computersduring their schooling. I am lucky enough to be one of them which made me gothrough applications like M.S Word, paint and pinball game. This marked mypassion towards computers. I wasalways amazed and dragged towards the changing and emerging Technology. Small things such as windows screensaver and the interface for watching movies and playing games which are quitecommon things in a student’s childhood.

But I haven’t perceived them as othersdo. I thought of making it as my career. The journey of my career started withan ignition of idea to learn about computers and the way they operate. Spark ofthe idea led me all the way pursuing courses related to Computers and achievinggoals. I believe we are in a world where humans are trying to mergetechnology with human intelligence which led to a new field ArtificialIntelligence and Machine Learning. Whatever may be the field of science, thereis a need of Computer Technology and it contributes a lot to the emergingTechnology. I want to be a part of the contribution made by Computers for thefuture by developing applications, software and redefining the HumanInteraction with Machines which define my goals.

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Heading towards my goals Ifind learning Computer Science is the best path to reach Destination. At the age of 14 I wasn’t aware of the Android or linux, theworld of Technology meant to me is the java based mobile during my schooling onwhich I was interested to play games upon. Gaining a little knowledge about jadand jar files, I started playing with them which I used to get from getjar and4Shared which were popular those days. This made me interested towards ComputerTechnology.

 The moment of my life at which I played with an androidphone during my 10+2 made me to draw more attention towards Computer Technologywhich made to choose Information Technology at KITSW from a Diverse Engineeringcourses. I find myself very interested in computers and its applications andinspiring childhood moments built a strong desire for Computer science in mymind. Not only interest taking all the credit, but a burning desire to becomesoftware engineer led the way to find success through Computer Science.Undergraduation which made me a man related to ComputerScience not only gave me a theoretical approach but a practical approachtowards building programs, applications, Networking and security too.

During mystudy, I have not only been enabled with Technical skills but also helped mebuild entrepreneurship skills, Team work, Communication skills. Not only interms of academics, but I was also sound at other skills of booting androidwith custom rom and Rooting and cracking applications. With the graph line ofmy study at KITSW rising constantly with the new approaches and methodologies,I have found a startup during my 5th semester which served withvariety of services and solutions of copier services, an E-Commerce store,building projects for my fellow mates. I have also been enlightened by the factthat not just developing an application is the key point, but security alsomatters the most. This drew me to explore the security and Networking. Startingwith basic cryptography and Networking knowledge, diving into Kali LinuxOperating system I started learning and exploring it. Featuring the mostpowerful tools such as Metasploit, started ethical Hacking and turned out to bea script kiddie in a short while.

Dealing with Metasploit I was able to hackinto android devices ( of course my own device ). A startup named BOOKWINKEL made me to put tremendous effortto get it into shape. Dealing with customers, introducing new features andE-commerce store all integrated with Google cloud tools and other businesstools made me aware of them and their uses. Building an E-Commerce store helpedme in adding wordpress to my skills list and which in turn granted aninternship at GRAMIKSHA.

 Apart from academics well organized with the works, I alsomanaged to pursue a 2 year Technology Enterpreneurship program for which I wasone among the very few selected students from our city. A 2 month Internshipprogram at GRAMIKSHA made me to burst the myths of team work and collaborationwhilst making team members as friends collaboratively built a website and blogbased on wordpress where I contributed my work for Back-end. Heading to my projects, projects that aren’t only helpful injust securing grades but built with a strong motive of deployment. Resultsmanagement system and Content management system which includes bringing wholecollege as a community with forum, timeline, events, notifications and adigital library with an idea of helping students in easing their interactionwith college.

Content management system being implemented at college levelhaving an estimated user base of 4000 members. Other projects Hotel Reservationsystem, E-Voting also constitute the list. Being inspired by machine learning,I chose to build a Tetris game deployed with machine learning using python.Character recognition using Euclidean distance in matlab also finals theprojects list which I aspire to publish a paper upon.  I believe only technical skills cannot make a perfect one,where cultural and other activities too require participation.

I was the memberof the humanity and nss clubs of our college which gifted me a chance to servethe society and be a part of the Nation’s Development. Organizing college leveltechnical symposiums and cultural fests also bought me a chance to watch myselfas a good mentor and organizer.  Making it short and simple to be a successful softwareengineer, I do feel to increase my knowledge on computers and related fieldsalong with security. A successful career is a way too big until and unless allshort-term goals are defined and achieved. Participation in research anddeveloping new skills which are demanded by the Technology world, Practicalapproaches, Design and Implementation of solutions to problems all togethercombinedly can help in pursuit of my long-term goals. I strongly feel pursuing Masters as a way to increase mypractical approach and to enhance my skills.

Masters isn’t just a piece ofpaper certifying a person in a field. It is a value earned through years ofefforts and hardwor. I wanted to be a man identified by those efforts and tocertify me. I wanted to be a skilled professional desired by outer world, So Iopt masters as a way to earn it.

 I wouldn’t like to stop my journey of acquiring knowledgeand would like to see myself to excel in computer science. So I take thischance to empower myself with masters from university of Cincinnati which Ifind the appropriate choice for my journey. I find university of Cincinnaticampus is ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses in U.

S. by Forbes. Thecoursework and quality research which students do at Cincinnati helps themreach greater heights. The academia and faculty such as Dr Paul Talaga, KennethA Berman etc and Research at university of Cincinnati adds additional factorsto choose Cincinnati for Computer Science. Every criteria that can help anindividual to master computer science such as Research, extraordinary faculty,course structure, alumni to interact and other amenities made me to choose you.I find myself as an eligible profile for University ofCincinnati and I am grateful if am given admission into Computer Science coursewhich helps me travel the path and attainment of goals.


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