STATEMENT Kathmandu, Nepal. I am prospective student

I, Rajan Magar, resident of Khahare Pangu-7, Kavrepalanchok, was born on September 3, 1993. I am currently residing permanently in Balaju-16, Kathmandu, Nepal. I am prospective student aspiring to pursue Master in Professional Accounting Advance (MPA) from University of Wollogong. I have five members in my family including father, mother, sister, me and my wife. I am married to Trimurti Chaudhary who is currently working as a cabin service assistant in Emirates Airlines.
Academic Background:
I have completed my schooling from Pragati Higher Secondary School in 2009 which is located in the heart of Kathmandu securing 75.38%. Then, I did my plus two from National Higher Secondary School in 2011 with 68.40%. After the completion of my plus two, I got admitted to National Open College, one of the reputed institutions in Kathmandu. I studied Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and completed the course on December 2015 securing 3.15GPA. During the past four years, I have learned subjects like finance, marketing, human resource management, data analysis and modeling, business statistics, strategic management. These areas of studies has helped me in gaining knowledge regarding market policies, decision making strategies, planning and overall functioning of an organization. Likewise, I have acquired substantial experience in various customer service oriented positions in an internship at Global IME Bank Limited as a part of my course in sixth semester. I have a firm grasp of banking procedures, in-depth awareness of current financial issues, a solid understanding of banking terminology and a strong proficiency in MS Office and related applications. I believe that my experience at this university has prepared me well to meet up the demands for studying in Australia. Hence, I have good knowledge regarding accounting and I assure that I can successfully complete Masters in Master in Professional Accounting Advance (MPA). Furthermore, I took IELTS Examination on 22nd of October 2016 and have an overall score of 6.5.
Employment history and Gap Justification:
After the completion of BBA, I decided to work for a year because I was not ready to receive managerial level of education without any work experience. I also wanted to see how these theoretical knowledge and practices work in real life. However, I was afraid that I will be sent to a particular department and will be given only one type of work which will not be enough for me to learn the whole system and working mechanism of a company. So, I decided to use my one year as a learning phase and joined Golden rose Multipurpose Cooperatives Ltd. as an intern in 22nd Aug 2016 with a hope that I will be given the chance to learn about all the department’s processes and procedures. During this time, I learnt how to understand the customers’ need and demands, handling different management challenges and most importantly understanding competitive advantages. I mostly worked on three major departments that is customer service department where I dealt with different types of customers and helped them in filling forms, answering their queries and recording their information for future reference. After that I was shifted to marketing department which was a new challenge for me because going into the market and presenting the promotional offers directly to the client was not an easy task. However, I spent my three months in this department learning how to identify the target customers and different ways to attract them to our cooperative because there is very high competition in gaining and retaining customers in Nepali market. I also learnt procedures of retaining customers by giving them different offers and maintaining good customer relations. For the last four months of my internship I was transferred to credit department which is a very important department in any financial institution because interests on loans are the major source of income for any bank. In this department, I was not given much responsibilities however I was assigned to prepare required credit documents and see if the documents are complete or not. This internship has helped me to learn things practically and gave me an opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills which was not possible with a paid job.

After my internship in Golden rose Multipurpose Cooperatives, I decided to work as an accountant because I always had strong desire to work in the field of account and finance. So I joined D. Team and Associates PVT. Ltd. as a Junior Accountant in 5th October 2017 and still working here. Being a junior accountant in the beginning, I only had some basic jobs like undertaking clerical tasks such as typing, filing, making phone calls, handling mail and basic bookkeeping. After some months, I started working on spreadsheet and making sales and purchase ledger and journal reports. I was also calculating and checking to make sure payments, amounts and records are correct. As a junior accountant, I did other works like managing petty cash transactions, controlling credit and ensuring debtors pay on time, preparing statutory accounts like balance sheet, profit and loss statements.

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Spouse Information:
I am lawfully wedded to Trimurti Chaudhary on 3rd Feb 2017. My wife completed her schooling in 2009 from Pragati Higher Secondary School in 2009 securing 72.25%. Then she joined Orient College in the same year and accomplished her plus two with an aggregate of 70.70%. After the completion of higher secondary school she joined Airhostess Training Institute and took 3 months training starting from 20th June 2011 to 19th September 2011. She worked as a Senior Counselor in Airhostess Training Institute for four years (11th Nov 2011-31st July 2015). Now, she is currently working in Emirates Airlines as a Cabin Service Assistant (3rd Sep 2015- present).

Marriage Details and Reasons to Accompany
We knew each other since our school days but we only started talking from class ten and soon we became close friends. Initially, we exchanged our cell number and later did chatting too. After the completion of our S.L.C (School Leaving Certificate), we went to different high school. Yet we never stop messaging and phone calls. Since we were studying the same faculty (management) we always had some conversations to talk about and we used to study together. We used to share our notes during exams. After completing high school, we spent some time together, went for movies and different places .We enjoyed our company and we had good understanding. So, on 30th May 2012, I proposed her and we started seeing each other regularly. Ever since then we are together. After my bachelor, we told our family about our relation. Well they knew us as a friend though. After that on 3rd Feb 2017 we got married.

My wife is going to accompany with me until I stay in Australia. As we have been together for long time, it is now hard to stay separately so do we decided to go together. We made promise to share each and every moments of our life together and decided not stay apart. There were many difficult and obstacles in my life but because of my wife being with me made the complicated things easier. While my wife is by my side, I am comfortable, gain confidence and inspired by her presence which motivates me every day. These are the reasons due to which my wife will accompany me. (Is it necessary to provide these details?)
Why not in Nepal?
There are good colleges and universities in Nepal as well but comparatively university in Australia has upper hand considering they not only focus on theoretical aspects of learning but integrates practical skills with academic subjects. Even though the education system of Nepal is improving but it has always failed to maintain the standard compared to other countries because of its traditionally based teaching system. The degree earned from Nepal is less recognized internationally so if I want to work abroad it is tough job for me. Australian degree is widely accepted and recognized. The courses available in Nepal are not timely updated because of lack of research and technology. I have also attended many international educational seminars, meetings, education fair and educational consultancy and I found abroad study as great opportunities.
I researched regarding course of study related to the Master in Professional Accounting Advance (MPA) but unfortunately there is no availability of such courses instead they have similar course like MBA which I am not willing to pursue. Being highly interested in accounts and finance, I have decided to study MPA. However, the universities in Nepal offers similar management programs like MBA (Masters in Business Administration), MBM (Master of Business Management). Currently, there are two categories of MBA colleges in Nepal-those that are affiliated with domestic universities and others affiliated with international universities. Most of colleges running MBA programs in the country are affiliated with universities like Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Tribhuvan University and Purbanchal University. Over the past few years, Nepal has witnessed the entry of MBA colleges with international affiliation. Institutions like King’s College, Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF), ICA, Nepal Information Technology and the institute of Banking and Management Studies (IBMS) are offering MBA degrees in affiliation to various international universities. Westcliff University (USA), Sikkim Manipal University (India), IGNOU (India) and Queen Margaret University (UK) are some of them.

The universities like (Kathmandu University, Tribhuwan University and Pokhara University) in Nepal are offering MBA which is also a management course but does not include detailed account and finance related courses.The MBA course has the duration of 2 years and is of 60 credit hours that involves course work, seminars, and practical. The courses that are involved in these Colleges/ universities are only enough to understand the overall functioning of management and business administration and it does not provide the significant details of business, accounting, finance, commercial law and taxation. Similarly, less industrial exposure, no research based curriculum has made the students very difficult to meet the requirements of present generation and to compete in the global context.
Finally after I consulted my family about going abroad to achieve higher education, they gave the positive response. Hence with my family support, motivation and inspiration I decided to go abroad to achieve internationally recognized degree.
Why Australia?
I choose to study In Australia because Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students behind the United States and the UK. Australia is best for international students based on student diversity, affordability, quality of life, friendly natives, cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education which all are important elements for students when choosing the best study destination abroad. Australia offers impressive education pedigree, Eight Australian universities are placed in the top 100 in the latest QS World University Rankings in the world with more than 22,000 courses cross over 1100 institutions, Australia sits over any semblance of Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, positioning eighth in the Universities 2012 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems. Australia is one of the most livable countries in terms of quality of life, education and its laid back nature makes Australia ideal for international students. Diverse culture adds a new level of experiencing world culture. Based on student survey Australia has five of the 30 best cities in the world based on quality of life, student mix and affordability
Australian universities are strong in research, excelling in area such as arts and humanities, education and sciences. Australia is also a proud contributor to global research, credited for many important discoveries, such as penicillin, IVF and Wi-Fi. This makes Australia a great choice for international students.
The Australian government has enacted ESOS (Educational Services for Overseas Students) Act which protects the rights of the international students and provides student’s accurate information on courses and universities before signing any agreement. In comparison to other destination like UK and USA, Australia has less crime rates ensuring safe and security to the international students. Similarly there is no tuition protection scheme in other countries. Even though USA, UK, Canada provides the course but getting enrollment there is comparatively tough as one has to score higher in GMAT/GRE test. Similarly, the tuition fee and living cost in UK and US is very expansive. In the nutshell, no doubt the education earned from USA, UK, CANADA, and other European Universities are recognized in the world, but I cannot see such educational security, personal growth, psychological hassle, free education, framework like in Australia. During my research about studying in Canada, I found that generally most part of Canada remains very cold and chilling weather which is not suitable for me to adjust. While talking about exchange rate between USA, U.K with Nepal is higher which increases in expense so I found Australia is better option for me.
Why University of Wollongong?
I have selected University of Wollongong to continue my Graduate studies as it caters all my needs. I believe an opportunity to study in your esteemed university would mold me as a successful person. The coursework of this program is splendid, preparing students in such a way that they are not just limited to one aspect of business but to wider range of career in business world. Along with the financial specialization, I will broaden my scope and knowledge through subjects like Marketing systems contemporary people management, integrated business experience and economics. I expect this will add a crucial edge to my future undertaking as a manager or an entrepreneur. Similarly, UOW is consistently ranked in the top 2 universities in the world by its performance in international rankings such as The Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is consistently ranked among the top Australian universities for the quality of its teaching, research, graduate employment rates and student experience.UOW provides an inspiring study environment on the main Wollongong campus, or at its downtown Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong. This university gives emphasis on skills development of the students. It is one of the few universities that provide both higher education and training. University of Wollongong also provides graduate students with a choice of flexible study options, as well as variable entry and exit points, to suit every student’s specific needs and desired outcomes. Similarly, University of Wollongong offers a wide range of on-campus accommodation that gives students a rich and balanced living and learning environment.

The quality of education depends upon school facilities and different services given to the students. University of Wollongong has given many services like career services, international student program, student support advisor (SSAs), and global Communicators program. These services give students advice on everything academic, from tips for taking notes during lectures and researching effectively to referencing correctly and producing high-quality assignments. Similarly, Careers offices provide counseling and guidance to students who are unsure of what field they want to enter after graduation and need some guidance choosing subjects, as well as final-year students looking for their first job. Likewise there are other different facilities like accommodation, legal services, counseling, medical, transport, and many more. This service gives students advice on everything academic, from tips for taking notes during lectures and researching effectively to referencing correctly and producing high-quality assignments. 
Hence Before choosing this university I have done research regarding same course MPA in different educational institutions of Australia that had been mentioned below:
Federation University Australia
During my research, I found Federation University with same course. While I compare with that university it shows that, the course they offered is especially designed for non-accounting field while UOW course is more advance and mostly for accounting background students. Through UOW, I will be able to gain more Ideas and knowledge compare to Federation and also course is more advance level course so better chances of learning more.

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
I also found the same course in USQ with same duration and little cheaper but in terms of location wise, students Testimonial’s, service and facilities and Course content for MPA in UOW is much more better than in USQ. This made me decide to choose UOW for my future betterment.

University of Sydney
This university also offers MPA with same duration and the courses are also similar to the courses provided by UOW. However the tuition cost is very high in comparison to UOW.
Based on information in terms of affordability, facilities and service, tuitions fees, location wise and course contents, I found University of Wollongong (UOW) will be the best option for me to study Master of Professional Accounting Advance (MPA) for my better future career.
Why Master of Professional Accounting Advanced (MPA)?
It is because of my recognition of the importance of accounting that I have decided to seek further education and a career in this field. After careful consideration, it has become clear to me that developing a successful career in accounting in the modern business environment requires advanced training in accounting and related subjects. I am motivated to study Master of Professional Accounting Advance (MPA) by an awareness of the ever-changing reality of the business environment and the need to upgrade my own expertise and professional abilities.

As, I have studied Bachelor in Business Administration in the past and I want to continue my career in the field of management. I have applied for this course because I have a desire to learn greater depth of management strategies and policies. Likewise, I also want to know how these strategies works in global market and helps the individual to get the required return. An MPA graduate should have a fine knowledge of financial and managerial accounting. With the basics been learnt in BBA, Master of Professional Accounting Advanced is offering advanced level of courses like Management Accounting, Management and Information System, Auditing, Taxation Economics for Professionals Statistics for Decision Making Managerial Finance Legal Studies and Law of Business Organizations. These are the core courses of MPA Advance and these subjects will help to develop advanced professional skills in strategic management accounting, financial reporting and disclosure, global strategy and leadership, and ethics and governance.

The undergraduate course (4 years) as well as my Internship (1 year) at Golden Rose Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd and worked as junior accountant D. Team and associates has provided me with a strong base for further growth in any of my desired fields. I would like to delve deeper into the fields of my choice and their technical aspects completely. I hope to acquire the requisite professional skills, analytical communication and problem solving skills and develop a thorough understanding in these following areas.
I wish to contribute towards these areas and indulge in research which ultimately should have a meaningful contribution to finance and economics. I am confident that my academic capability and analytical skills coupled with my perseverance and single minded devotion will see me through to this goal. To this end, the first step is a sound graduate study. I have chosen the graduate program to further my interests. As a Master of Professional Accounting graduate, I look forward to employment in accounting practices. This course has a great scope in near future and I can perform different job roles as chief financial officer, chief information officer, financial controller, financial analyst and planner, tax and estate adviser, financial and management accountant, auditor, system designer, investment advisor and manager. These are high level jobs and so the company will surely look for the best candidate and by studying in Australia I can assure that I can get best education along with the industrial exposure. The company of Nepal gives high priority to candidates having foreign education and experience and also pays a good amount of salary. These companies are always in search of these vacancies and I am very positive that I will serve my country with all the knowledge that I get in Australia.
Financial Sponsors:
My family is going to support me financially during my stay in Australia. My parents, uncle, father in law and mother in law are very supportive for my studies. They have also encouraged and inspired me for my further studies in Australia. My family members will be sponsoring fully for the university fees and other all necessary expenses during my stay in Australia. The sources of income of our family consists of business, land lease, salary and agriculture.

My parents generate annual income of NRs 414,240.00 which is equivalent to AUD$ 5,183.83 from agriculture and land lease and also my father Mr. Jhilke Magar has sold out some acres of land creating the bank balance of NPR 5,501,000.00 which is equivalent to AUD 68,284.51 deposited in A/c No: 02000501211692 in Everest Bank limited, Naya Bazar, Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal.
My uncle Mr. Saajan Rana Magar hold the position of ownership of business named as Rana Magar Kirana Store located at KMC, Ward No.01, Raniban, Nagarjun Kathmandu, Nepal with an annual income of NRs. 1,800,000.00 which is equivalent to AUD$ 22,508.44 and also my parents-in-law has an annual income of NPR 540,000.00 from salary which is equivalent to AUD$6,695.59.

I have attached all my income related certificates from respected wards, statements and bank balance certificates with this application and also I have attached financial sponsorship declarations for your kind reference as well.

Immigration History:
Regarding my immigration history, I have not applied any kind of visa of any country till now. So, I do not have any kind of immigration history. My wife she is air hostess in Emirates airline work as cabin services assistance in inflight services so she had travelled to Germany, U.S.A, U.A.E and other countries as part of my job.
Living Arrangements in Australia:
We are planning to stay with my friend who is currently residing at NSW Sydney Lidcombe for some weeks until we make some living arrangements. We will notify change of address to the respected authorities.
Future Career Plans:
As the only sole reason for my foreign visit is my education so I will return back to my home country after completion of my studies. After my returning, I am planning to work on a managerial level in one of the multinational companies. There are many career opportunities for a MPA graduate Accounting, Auditing, Banking & Finance, Business Analytics, Consulting, Forensic Accounting, Government, Insurance, Risk Management, Stock broking, Superannuation Taxation. However with my specialization in finance I want to become a financial analyst in near future.

There is the huge opportunities in many fields and opens doors to many national and international job after completion of professional accounting degree. Every organization and business need professional accountants which help to create more job opportunity for accountant and also there is priority for those who purse MPA has opportunity for advancement and entering directly into professional positions in big organization and even in government sector. Most of the accounting jobs require at least two year degree but for senior level or consideration to management, encourage to have four year degree. This course will be the good investment for me as I am seeking for better great opportunities in accounting field. After successfully completion of this course, I will have opportunities to work as auditor, public and government accountant, management accountant and private and public accounting. In context of Nepal, there are many giant well-known companies like Chaudhary Group, Dugar Groups, Sharada Groups, Golcha Trading and these are the top and best competitors of Nepalese market. As I complete my degree, I will be eligible to work with such big companies where starting salary for those who have done professional accounting will be like NPR 80,000 with much more benefits and facilities. Nepal is developing country and locates in the phase of development so many organization and companies keep growing which creates more opportunities for accountant.

There is great more opportunity coming in my country Nepal as it is in developing phase so there will more big companies opening in near future. The growing business and foreign investment will sure create demand of Professional accountant. There are still some multinational companies who are dominating Nepali market since decades and I have a dream to work for them and be the reason for the success of the organization. As my specialization will be on finance I will be more focused on becoming a financial analyst because there is high scope and better career opportunity in Nepal for a financial analyst. There are many investors who want to invest in Nepal but are afraid because of fluctuating market so they are always in search of a financial advisor who can assure them that their investment will not go waste and they will get the required return with better profit. So after my Advanced MPA course I am planning to work in this field for the betterment of my country.

Incentives to return to home country
All my family members are residing in Nepal and being an only son there are some responsibilities towards my family as well. I have to look after all the family properties. I also love to work in the environment where own beloved people are surrounded. Because of these reasons I will assure that I will return back to Nepal and also my wife she is only daughter in family so definitely after completion of my graduate degree we will return back to our home country. My family has invested so much for my better future till now so I must support them in return in their old age, both emotionally and financially. I should not leave them alone as they had helped me lot during my future career path. My parents owned property of land which is worth of NPR 3,200,000.00 which is equivalent to AUD$ 40,045.05 according to the ward office of Roshi Rural Municipality and also my uncle who is going to support me during my study has the property land worth of NPR 7,500,000.00 which is equivalent to AUD$93,785.16 according to the ward office of Nagarjun Municipality. As my parents, uncle and parents-in-law is living in their old age, it is our responsibilities and duties to look after our properties and belongings and give them back love so we will be returning back to our country Nepal after completion of my course.
Students Visa Conditions In Australia:
There are several conditions on student visa (subclass 500). Some of them are:
I need to maintain 80% of attendance.

According to condition no. 8105, the students can only work 40 hours per fortnight only after the session starts. Student can only work 40 hours during the recognized vacation provided by education provider.

The course chosen should be enrolled with registered course under CRICOS.

Student must maintain the attendance in enrolled course and course provided for each study periods as required by education provider.

Student must maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC) prior during the stay in Australia along with my spouse.

Student must maintain the financial arrangements to support study and stay in Australia to grant a student visa.

Student must maintain their course provider and DIBP about the address where student live within 7 days of arrival in Australia, if any change made in address should be informed within 7 days of change, student will be unable to change the universities or colleges for 6 months upon enrollment.

You must not be involved in any disruptive activities to the Australian Community.
Thus, I hope that admission team of University of Wollongong will consider my application to study Masters of Professional Accounting Advanced course in world’s livable and safest city Sydney, Australia so that I can build a successful career.
Thanking You!
Sincerely yours,

Rajan MagarPassport No: 10602693
Contact No: +9779862848516
I have highlighted extra information which is provided. Please let me know if it’s necessary.

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