STATEMENT changing from agrarian to knowledge based

STATEMENT OF PURPOSEI am applying for the Master of Science Information Technology(MSIT) offered at Carnegie Mellon University Africa. Gaining best skills from one of the best ten engineering Universities in US Would Boost my programming skills, Network protocols design, System modeling, Strategic and operational aspects of Cyber security and Cryptography. The Rwandan Government is changing from agrarian to knowledge based economy, where information and communication Technology drives the move. The knowledge I will acquire from Carnegie Mellon University will complement my under graduate Degree.

Therefore, I would like to specialize in Cyber security in your esteemed University stand out from the crowd with possible solutions from the Current Cyber security trends. Master of science in information Technology Program addresses the next step in my professional career goals to serve my country in this new era of ICT. Rwanda has high impact projects in Information Technology mainly in service delivery like Rwanda Online Services give an example of E-taxes in Rwanda Revenue authority and almost each single service needed in public or private companies that use ICT.

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All these remodeling of Government services implies the need for the investment in Big Data management, Internet security, Telecommunication and as well as cyber security is concerned. Since almost all machines are connected, this would give holes for Cyber security threats for scammers, Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS). Another issue is managing the speed in the systems which deliver services easily, so this MSIT Degree from Carnegie Mellon University will equip me with the needed skills to meet the ICT challenges since there is more Practical work.

During my undergraduate studies at Mount Kenya University, Rwanda, I was excited by the diversity of the field of Information science. In my bachelor program, the courses like Data communication and Networks, Mobile computing, Data Analysis, human computer interaction, Management Information System, helped me to learn the information system aspects. On the other hand, courses like Internet Programing, Operating System, C, C++, HTML, Data communication and Networks equipped me with understandings how computers and computer systems are applied to everyday life.

In addition to this, I recently joined edx plat form and take an online course on cyber security fundamentals offered by Harvard University. This offered me with topics like computer security concepts and problems, Cryptography, Networking I and II, System administration, Malware and Forensics all provided an eager to pursue this Master Program.I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and I also hold a Diploma in Mathematics and Physics with Education from Kigali Institute of Education. During my undergraduate studies, students Leadership was one of my best extracurricular experience I ever had. With my other colleagues, we drafted policies for Mount Kenya University Students Association (MKUSA) body and students governing processes, monitoring proper usage and accountability of student council MKUSA Kigali, we Established Project repairing houses for 1994 Genocide widows where project was done at Muhima Sector.

Amahoro Cell. At Kigali Institute of Education in Student Union Kavumu College of Education (SUKCE), we delivered Public lectures on Drug abuse, gender based violence, HIV-AIDS and other social events led by my Committee where more than 2000 youth from 3 institutions of higher Learning were addressed. As a professional teacher Introduced project of one laptop per Teacher at my school, now teachers are able to enjoy teaching using computer technologies, in collaboration with school management, and Rwanda Education Board (REB), we have a smart class program where REB given Computer for the lab all the above developed the spirit of team work. I participated in ICT Teacher Training as training as a trainer where Teachers from Kigali City were trained on teaching with Technologies.Regarding internship, I worked for Data Systems Ltd. Among my achievements we played includes Team work in software development, I was assigned in System analysis and Testing, I went in the field where I could install different soft wares in school computer Labs, I distributed computer laboratory components to different schools in Kigali, most important this is where I came to know CMU Africa and K-Lab, I participated in a project of E-SHULI software development project where my duty was Testing the software using the skills I obtained from undergraduate Program and as a teacher checking on user side context. My under graduate Research project was assessments of social network towards the influence of information flow in Kicukiro District.

I found that social networks play a big role in information sharing, due numerous social network that distribute fishing websites through the networks, this produces a big threat to The Information and other data through the Networks. This triggered the need for upgrading the skills needed to address this Information Threat challenge where cyber security offered at CMU Africa came first. From my personal confidence and professional interests, my goal is to obtain a master’s degree and then to work in an IT-related industry. After gathering the needed Cyber security skills and experience, I am planning to set up my personal IT Consulting Company. Attending MSIT program will help me to pave away for myself in the field along, while deepening my experience in broadening IT field of operation.Rwanda ICT policies, current economy and security stability attracts industry experts from around the world. More to this, CMU-R being multinational community would be a perfect place to build network, share skills and experience.

All this will set up next step next step in my professional career. Finally, Carnegie Mellon University Africa is training the next Generation of IT leaders and my background fits me in, since it is one of the objective of Carnegie Mellon University. Please, I kindly request the admission committee to consider my application and provide me with an opportunity for the attainment of success in my desire field.


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