STATEMENT program I had a desire to

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Joel Barker’s pity saying ‘vision without action ismerely a dream, action without vision just pass the time. Vision with actioncan change the world’ distinguishes an engineer from others. An engineer canbring visions to reality. On my path to become a successful engineer I knowthat modern engineers have all worked to use technology for finding ways tomake life easy and better for humans. Ever since my childhood, I am alwaysfascinated by the way things work, from maintaining my own bike to modelling ofsmall machines my curiosity aroused on unraveling the functioning of devices.

Myinnate predilection for science and technology and immense support by myparents and teachers helped me to choose Automobile Engineering as my careerpath . After success at IGCSE (Grade-10) with 75% in the year2011 and CIE AS and A Level with 61% in the year 2013 at VIBGYOR HIGHINTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, I choose automotive engineering because of its wide,interdisciplinary span, my keen interest in engines and vehicles and theincreasing demand of automobiles on road. My undergraduate program was ajudicious mix of theory and practical at GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY with7.87 CGPA score securing First class with Distinction in L.J.

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INSTITUTE OFENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY. Fascinating subjects like Engineering Graphics,Manufacturing Processes, Automobile Engines, Machine Design and IndustrialDrafting, Design Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing compelled me toseek extended knowledge outside the realm of my syllabus. As a part of my academic training, I undertookprojects that tested my fundamentals and applied skills. All through myacademic program I had a desire to work and research on various parts used inautomobiles and reduce human effort in maneuvering vehicles. I researched anddeveloped a new idea called E-clutch. This new idea was a way to transmitengine power to the gearbox in new form that was cheap than automatictransmission and less lethargic for driver of manual car.

It was a greatsuccess and prototype describing the work process was developed to elaboratethe idea clearly. The project got lot of appreciations from my department andeven external professors who saw this project appreciated and praised me and myteam.  My first success inspired and encouraged me to work onone more project called Air Compressed Engine.

It was a modified engine designthat was propelled by compressed air, a natural medium and a renewable sourcewhich gave nearly no emission. It was further modified and the emissions fromAir Compressed Engine was used in air conditioning unit of the vehicle. T waschallenging but my ability and keen interest made the outcome a praise worthjob. I researched each and every aspects and components for the project and itwas an overwhelming success to my inputs.

Understanding various problems faced to maneuver avehicle, I decided to carry out my final year project work on reducing humaneffort to change tires and increase or decrease the ground clearance of thevehicle. Under the guidance of my mentor, me and my team of four classmatesdesigned a System and Structure Incorporated for Lifting of Vehicle. Modellingand understanding various dimensions of vehicle and its components, we came toa solution of new system by integrating hydraulic jacks inside the vehicle. Tolift the desired tire of the vehicle just by pressing a button by the driver wasa really competitive task but was more interesting.

The project was amagnificent success and was ranked among the top three projects of myinstitute.  I attained an automobile workshop seminar in Xenesisat LDRP institute where I received exposure to various parts of automobiles andtheir working process. I worked as an intern in Mahindra & Mahindraworkshop for a month. Here, I received training to repair and understandvarious parts integrated in an automobile, this provided me with a vast knowledgeof various vehicles and its components.

Furthermore, I did internship in aprominent workshop of reputable and renowned brand Mercedes Benz. Here, I gotto see a truly developed nature of different components that I studied duringmy academic. The training explored me to world’s best luxury cars and gave meknowledge about various components and features of the cars that make themtrustworthy and renowned. Apart from my academics, my technical skills are alsowell developed. I have the correct and basic technical knowledge regardingautomobiles and various industrial and manufacturing process of automobiles. Ihave a command over designing software Solidworks, which can represent my ideaand projects in a 3D way.

I can use Microsoft Office in a very effective wayand can also create alluring presentations to represent various tasks in anattractive way. My dedication and hard work, towards my area of workand interest hit the correct spot when I got a chance to be a part of teamBLACKHAWKS, that represented our institute in BAJA SAEINDIA 2016. Thecompetition involved making an ATV following the rules and regulations of SAE.

I played a vital role in the manufacturing and sponsorship department. I workedon the main area transmission department for the ATV and designed and developeda reduction gearbox for CVT. Each and every component of the vehicle wasdesigned and manufactured keeping the cost and weight as the main criteria.

Thecomponents had to undergo various process such as casting, hardening, cutting,lathe operations, CNC and NCNC operations, which used N Codes and D Codes ascommand language. I learned to operate CNC and NCNC up to certain basic aspect.The ATV was a great success and achieved a high rank position among more than300 teams.  It was around this time that I felt the need forutilizing the latest optimization and decision-making techniques and its designto accentuate my candidature motivating me to undertake a course in COURSE NAME. Some of the subjects Iwould need to concentrate on include operations research and supply chainmanagement in real world scenarios. Process optimization, AutomobileAerodynamics, Automotive Manufacturing and Engine Components.

My personalskills include written and verbal communication skills with my highly organizedand efficient way of living and working. I can work effectively in both ways asan individual or as a part of team with great dedication. In addition, exposureto the cutting-edge technology and a stimulating om campus life wouldcontribute immensely in the development of my overall personality.

Towards thisUNIVERSITY NAME seemed a naturalchoice considering the repertoire of resources and presence of world classfaculty that are involved with the program. I am confident that my Undergraduate Degree inAutomotive Engineering and COURSE NAMErelated experience including techno-functional expertise in optimizationsolutions, project management experience, personal traits like quest fordetail, inquisitiveness and desire to excel make me a strong candidate for aPost-Graduation degree in COURSE NAME.I wish to aver that I will make maximum use of all the opportunities bestowedupon me and shall pursue my goals with whole hearted dedications and can liveto the standards set by the university. Post master’s, I would like to workwith a research and development team and aid in contributing towardsadvancement of technology.

Hence, I would earnestly implore you to consider mycandidature, hoping that you would provide me an opportunity to be a part ofyour esteemed UNIVERSITY NAME.       


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