State aim of this proposed study is to

State whether you intend to use a qualitative or quantitative approach. Justify your choice (with reference to relevant readings) and state why the alternative is not suitable.(Word count: between 120-150 words)The proposed study aims to explore the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the teachers and educational professionals to the successful implementation of inclusive education in the context of Bangladesh. The study has been designed on the basis of the qualitative research.

According to Bell (2014) the main aim of the qualitative research is to understand the individual perception of the world as this type of research basically focuses on the study progress. This research is handled in both non-numerical and unstructured way as well as its study method are more general (Punch 2005, cited in Bell, 2014). To give a profound description of an inquiry is the main purpose of the qualitative research and it conducts this research in a systematic way (Boudah, 2011).

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According to Menter et al. (2011) quantitative data cannot give a depth idea of the participant’s experience, but it can help researchers with identifying general patterns. As its main aim of this proposed study is to understand the participants’ experiences in which a qualitative approach will be used.

State whether you intend to use a questionnaire or a semi- structured interview for data collection. Justify your choice and state why the alternative is not suitable (120-150 words)This proposed data collection process is actually a semi-structured interview which has been taken to explore the understanding of the interviewee regarding the research topics and therefore produces qualitative information. This method processed by one-to-one and face-to-face discussion and by this an interviewer uses a list of flexible questions to gather information from an interviewee (Descombe, 2010). The interview question which is asked by an interviewer is basically flexible and relevant (Menter et al, 2011).

The benefit of the questionnaire is to provide a lot of information from a wide range of respondents (Menter et al, 2011). However, the questionnaire does not allow following up questions or probing questions for further clarification but it is important for researchers to acquire in-depth understanding of the respondent’s experiences. So, overall a semi-structured interview can be considered as a tool for data collection.

Provide details of the sample that you intend to use and justify your sampling decision (80-120 words)The number of respondents who are used in the research means sample size. Any research method it plays an important role in achieving a reliable result. In sampling, a researcher does not need to collect all the data and survey every member of the study; he can easily get an accurate finding with generating insights and information Denscombe (2009). I basically intend to work with the primary teachers and educational professionals and they have a general idea of sampling as they are experienced working with other professionals as well as this method can implement inclusive education in primary education of Bangladesh.

Along with that, I have planned to use convenience sample (Cohen et al., 2012) among a group which will be made of six teachers, two assistant Upazila education officers and one Upazila education officer from within my Upazila. They are closely related to my research topic for this reason I had selected them. Explain what ethical considerations you will need to address in your proposed study.In line with the principle of autonomy (UWS, 2016) and honesty, I will try to explain the context of my research to the potential participants as well as I will make sure privacy by keeping all digital records of data in a password protected memory stick and all paper records in a secure, private space and participation in my study will be voluntary (UWS, 2016).

Those who will be the representative of diversity based on gender, age, ethnicity, I will do my best to ensure them equity in terms of their basic rights. I will ensure participants, research data would not be used for any profitable purpose and data would be used only for research purpose.Explain how you intend to analyse the data that you will collectThe data will collect through semi-structured interview and the next step in data collection is analyse the data. The purpose of the data analysed is to find out the answer to the research question. I will record their interviews with the permission of my participants and then I will transcribe each of them. This process is generally known as thematic analysis. By this, I will point out my relevant research question and will organize them with my own code such as in transcript (Menter et al.

, 2011). If any new points arise, I will use a new code to make them into a theme (Creswell, 2015).State what limitations you expect your study to haveThere is some limitation in every research work. The data collection is a very complicated work. On the other hand, inaccurate research design and sample selection of research technique may create irrelevant outcomes. Interviewing can be considered as a resource intensive, in this process it has to conduct in a required time as well as it needs to transcribe and analyse the data (Menter et al.

, 2011). In a short scale of the study, it’s finding cannot be generalized and it’s only possible for collecting a limited number of respondent’s data (Taylor et al.,2015) Another shortcoming coming of the interview is that interviewee may not always give the honest answer of every question for various purposes.

But overall, the interview can provide the important insights of the perspective topic.


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