Starting a Business in Crisis essay

Exceptional leaders are fighting the negative thoughts with positive actions, they fly like Superman to help with device, praise and encourage employees as Batman always tried to cheer Robin. The author of the article gives us some tips on how to create awareness of the greatness at work: – Stay humble and optimistic; – Build trust and continue to trust, even if it’s not always worked in the past. Take what you were said with an open mind; – Serve as an example of your expectations to others; – Capitalize the greatness in the people around you.

The article reminds us that the most important component of the business are the people directly dependent on them, and the company’s success and ingenuity, and the profits and reputation. This idyll is attractive, but in the daily life many of us may have the impression that the world has only bad bosses, alas, they are still dominant, but there are good ones also. Good bosses (i. E. Exceptional leaders) produce the best products, best services, and they manage the company development faster than others. I was lucky in life because I worked under three different exceptional leaders and learned a lot from them.

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But the very first thing I learned – there are no ideal leaders. Every exceptional leader has a lot of flaws that are often an extension of his/hers merits. Exceptional leader is a relative phenomenon. You often don’t realize the fact that you have a good boss while you’re working under his/hers direction. You see a lot of shortcomings, he/she annoys you by demanding that much and that urgent, sometimes he/she seems even picky. But as soon as you move to another place and meet other boss, your former one begins to seem a good benchmark.

This happens because his/hers advantages are perceived as granted, his shortcomings no longer seem so serious, and emends he/she gave actually helped you in terms of self-development, he/ she seems to you as the gift from above now. It may happen the other way he/she seemed like a good boss, but he/she lost his/hers TOP position in your chart after you met a new one, which is dramatically better, more interesting and positive. Nevertheless, think that there are few signs of absolute good boss and exceptional leader: 1 . A good leader is a man/woman who guides.

It doesn’t mean that he/she should run with the flag or speak loudly, but when o hang out with that person, you have a strong feeling – he/she is the leader. 2. A good boss always has an inspiring goal that unites the organization, department, and company. 3. Leader’s principles and values must comply with the principles and values of the employees. It’s not even necessary that these principles and values are common to all mankind and are good and correct. The main thing – that they are shared by all and consistently implemented. But the organization, combined with positive values, give more and to society and to itself. . Exceptional boss has to keep positive attitude, to do his/hers job with a sense of humor and to give his/ hers employees a positive vibe. If the vast majority of management IS based on the negative – its a sign that the company isn’t doing well. 5. Exceptional boss have to achieve results. 6. Exceptional boss unobtrusively becomes an example for others to follow. In the way he/she communicates with employees, how he/she is thinking and what he/she is saying; what he/she does and what does not – people follow and mimic his/her example simply because they like it. . Exceptional boss always thankful. He/she says ‘thank you” regularly and with pleasure. But in addition to the positive feedback a exceptional leader should be direct and honest in what he/she doesn’t like. 8. Exceptional boss isn’t a star or celebrity that shines in the background of his mediocre employees. Everything is exactly the opposite. Exceptional boss is the one that knows his/hers main asset and resource is his/hers staff. Exceptional boss gives all the credit of company’s successes to employees, and puts mistakes and failures on himself/herself.

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