Stand and Deliver Synopsis essay

The story is about how Jaime Escalate change s the system and challenges the students to a higher level of excellence. The story begins from the first day Jaime Escalate, or later on in the film called Kim by his stud dents, teach. He is not well liked by students, receiving numerous taunts and threats .

On the ext day, he came with apples and handed out the apples to the students that tare already cut by him. Then he asked the students how much apple they have go t. The first method he used to teach was kind of success, so on the following days, h e used another innovative method such as props and humor to illustrate abstract co incepts of math and convey the necessity Of math in everyday lives to teach so his studs ants will enjoy the learning process with him and win over the attention of the student s. While

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Kim teaches math IA, he realized that his students are capable of more than the expectations set forth by the school board. Despite the skepticism of other tee coachers, who feel that “you can’t teach logarithms to illiterates”, Escalate nonetheless develops a program in which the his students can rise to take AP Calculus by their senior r year. This intense math program requires that students take summer classes, include ding Saturdays, from 7 to 12, tasking for even the most devoted and committed SST dents.

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