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Essay title: Spurgeon Heir of the Puritans

Spurgeon Heir of the Puritans by Ernest W. Bacon is a biography of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. This book tells of Spurgeon’s amazing faith and the actions he took in life. The book starts traditionally with its subject’s birth; Spurgeon was born June 19, 1834 at Kelveda, Essex. He didn’t stay with his parents long before being sent to live at his grandparents till he was 6.

His grandfather was a preacher and so he was brought up with access to religious speeches by the famous speakers of his time. So his growing up to be a great preacher himself, was to no great surprise. He was introduced to Puritan writers before he was even six years of age! At age seven he went back to his parent’s house at Colchester where he lived till fifteen and he went tobecome an usher, or assistant teacher. He was having trouble with his soul though and didn’t calm the unrest until Sunday, January 6, 1850 in a tiny corner church.

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He heard what he was searching for, and was instantly changed into the faithful servant of God. He soon became a student preacher and thus began the preaching career of Spurgeon, which would change the world. His speeches were so good even in his youth that it wasn’t long before he was heading to London. He preached at the New Park Street Chapel, and the people quickly set to work to make him their permanent preacher there. It was also here that he met his wife, and they were married on January 8, 1856.

And before long Spurgeon’s speeches were drawing so large of crowds a new church had to be built. It took many years but finally the Metropolitan Tabernacle was built. Through out Spurgeon’s years of preaching there was never such a thing as a small gathering. The new church served well though and saw Spurgeon into retirement.

In his later years he also opened an orphanage which is another great deed by an.

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