Sprinting with his whole body rather than

Sprinting is a powerful, faster form ofrunning which can only be performed in short period.

When sprinting, a runnermaintains his full speed for the entire run. In competition, sprint racesinclude the 100, 200, and 400 meter dash and are typically run in less than 60seconds. Based on (Dani, 2017), there are threestages of sprinting, namely drive, maximum velocity and maintenance.

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21.     DriveThesprinter begins in the drive phase, when he bursts from a dead still positioninto a sprint. The sprinter will start in a crouched position, in the startingblocks, ainter should lean with hiswhole body rather than bending at the hips. In this stage, the foot is incontact with the track below or slightly behind the hips.2.

      Maximum VelocityThen,the runner proceeds to the maximum velocity phase. Here, the runner becomesfully erect in his posture, standing tall without his hips lowered. The runnerachieves his maximum speed  3.     MaintenanceSprintingis not tThere are several factorsthat affects speed referring to (editorialtoday.com, 2013). 31.     GeneticsSomeof the factoSomeathletes are born with predominantly more Type II fibres, which are found withsprinters. This may give these athletes an advantage but does not mean that youcannot be as fast as them through appropriate training.

3.    Speedis dependent on the power generated and how well the athlete can sustain thispower. For many 100 metre sprinters the winner is the athlete who slows downthe least. Power is one of the essential elements to speed.5.

     AccelerationThere uch as quickness, butthey all refer to how fast an athlete can achieve maximum velocity within avery short period s to the range of movement at a joint within the body. Flexibility coversall joints and has numerous effects on performance. Lack of good flexibilitycan have a direct negative impact on speed due to the limitations of jointmotion. Therefore, based on (Andrew,2014), there are two training programme which can be executed in order toimprove one’s speed. 1 1.

      I.           Results PART 1 Speed= Distance / Time = 50m / 6.73 seconds = 7.42 m/s PART 2 Distance (meter) Time (second) Difference in Time (second) Velocity (m/s) Difference in Velocity (m/s) Acceleration 10 1.80 1.

80 5.56 5.56 3.09 20 3.13 1.33 7.

52 1.96 1.48 30 4.20 1.07 9.35 1.83 1.

71 40 5.40 1.20 8.33 -1.

01 -0.84 50 6.39 0.99 10.10 1.77 1.

79 60 7.40 1.01 9.90 -0.20 -0.20 70 8.63 1.

23 8.13 -1.77 -1.44 80 9.

87 1.24 8.06 -0.07 -0.05 90 10.94 1.

07 9.35 1.28 1.20 100 12.07 1.

13 8.85 -0.50 -0.44 Individual Result (Liang Ding Lern)    Description: The overall graph of myvelocity is increasing and decreasing over the distance that is covered by me.

The maximum velocity that I had achieved is 10.10 m/s during 50m, while thelowest velocity I got is 5.56 m/s at the beginning of the sprint.Maurice Green Result (1999 World Championship Seville,Spain) Distance (meter) Difference in Time (second) Velocity (m/s) Difference in Velocity (m/s) Acceleration 10 1.86 5.38 5.38 2.89 20 1.

03 9.71 4.33 4.21 30 0.92 10.

87 1.16 1.26 40 0.88 11.36 0.49 0.56 50 0.

86 11.63 0.26 0.31 60 0.

84 11.90 0.28 0.33 70 0.85 11.76 -0.

14 -0.16 80 0.85 11.

76 0.00 0.00 90 0.85 11.76 0.00 0.

00 100 0.86 11.63 -0.14 -0.16  Description:The velocity achieved byMaurice Green increases and remain constant throughout the whole sprint for100m. While the velocity I had achieved is imbalance as it increases anddecreases throughout the whole sprint for 100m.

The maximum velocity of MauriceGreene is 11.90m/s and mine is 10.10m/s. The minimum velocity of Maurice Greeneis 5.38m/s and mine is 5.56m/s.

Description:As for acceleration,Maurice Greene graph shows that it increases at first and then decreasesconstantly through the whole sprint of 100m. While mine shows it increases anddecreases simultaneously throughout the whole sprint of 100m. The maximumacceleration achieved by Maurice Greene is 4.21m/s² and mine is 3.

09m/s². Whilethe minimum acceleration of Maurice Greene is -0.16m/s² and mine is -1.44m/s².II.           Discussion& Conclusion: 1)     Comparison of my result and MauriceGreene’s result: ·        VelocityAtthe beginning of the 100m sprint, my starting velocity is higher than MauriceGreene which is 5.56m/s.

The reason behind this is because of the difference ofmy reaction time and Maurice Greene’s reaction time based on (editorialtoday.com,2013). 3 Throughout the whole sprint, my velocity increases and decreasessimultaneously, while Maurice’s velocity increases constantly and is maintainedthroughout the whole race. The reason behind this is because I had not gonethrough any sprinting training and the sport that I usually play does notrequire full sprinting only but in certain situation in the match of footballrequires it. As for Maurice Greene, he is a professional sprinter which onlyfocused on sprint, hence he had been trained well in order to maintain hisvelocity. Furthermore, the technique of sprinting also plays a vital partduring sprinting.

In my opinion, the sprinting style executed by myself isincorrect while Maurice’s technique is well trained hence it gives asignificant result.   ·        AccelerationAsfor acceleration, Maurice Greene acceleration is much higher than mine at4.21m/s².

Referring to (editorialtoday.com, 2013), the power generated byMaurice Greene is very high while mine is lower than his, therefore generatingthe maximum acceleration at only 3.09m/s². 3 Besides that, Maurice Greeneundergoes deceleration at 70 meter and 100 meter, while I faced decelerationmultiple times at 40 meter, 70 meter, 80 meter and 100 meter.

The reason toexplain this phenomena is because of muscle fatigue. Maurice Greene facesmuscle fatigue much lesser than me hence making him gain the advantage of lessdeceleration and more on acceleration and helping him to finish the 100m sprintway faster than me.  2)     Comparison of my result and the stages ofsprinting:  I.                  DriveThe driving phase of me is at thebeginning of the 100m sprint, where I start in a crouched position and pushesoff while leaning forward. In this phase I had achieved the highest velocity at5.56m/s, which is much higher than Maurice’s starting velocity.

 II.               MaximumVelocityThe maximum velocity I had got is 10.10m/s.The maximum velocity should be achieved during the halfway of the 100m sprintin order to get faster and finish the race in a short period of time.

WhileMaurice’s maximum velocity is achieved at 60m and also higher than mine by1.8m/s which allow him to have the advantage to finish the race at a shortperiod of time. III.            MaintenanceHonestly, the maintenance of me is verypoor because of the results of the graph shows that my velocity andacceleration is increasing and decreasing simultaneously. I would need toundergo training in order for me to improve and maintain my speed. Throughthis, I will be able to achieve a faster sprint and finish the race at a shortperiod of time. 3)     Question & Answer from PracticalManual.

1.      (Graphshown in Page 5,6 & 7) 2.      At10m, which is the beginning of the 100m sprint has the lowest velocity at5.56m/s. This is because I have to focus on applying a large amount of forceonto the ground to achieve the desired acceleration, rather than taking morerapid steps.

 3.      At50m, which is at the halfway of the 100m sprint has the maximum velocity at10.10m/s. The reason is I had minimise braking forces, which refer to thoseforces which act in the opposite direction of the desired movement and increasevertical propulsive forces based on (Epicontrol,2016).

4 4.      At10m, the beginning of the 100m sprint has the highest acceleration at 3.09m/s².This is because I had focus on using a large amount of force onto the ground toachieve the desired acceleration in order to take off and start sprinting.  5.     hile MauriceGreene had during the 80 meter and 90 meter distance.

 6.      N 


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