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Spring and Routledge (2015) also support these findings by arguing that there is a need to build aware in order to use people as agents to bring sustainability. Awareness lies at the center of all the actions and decisions taken by individuals.

Therefore, people who have acquired quality education can better comply with the principles of ethics and sustainability while contributing to economic growth as compared to their illiterate counterparts. These viewpoints and arguments also support the idea that the integral approach to economic development is an important consideration and education needs special focus in this connection (Spring and Routledge, 2015). Arsenio et. Al (2014) also add on this issue by arguing that focus on education opens up the doors to several new possibilities. The impact of education on economic development comes from the fact that people with excellent education at their back also have excellent ability to analyze the situation and their role in a given scenario.

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They are aware of their strengths and limitations. They can introduce the nations to new ways that are much more efficient and quality-oriented of achieving certain objectives of economic growth. Their competencies that are built through quality education enable them to contribute effectively to all dimensions of sustainable development including society, environment, and economy (Arsenio et.

Al, 2014).Above findings reveal that the integral approach is a highly significant tool when it comes to designing the route to sustainable economic growth. Awareness plays an important role in shaping a person’s attitude towards his practical life and literacy has much to do with developing awareness among the inhabitants of any particular region. Their polished skills and proactive approach developed through quality education help them contribute effectively to the economic development while their awareness of their role at social level tunes their social behavior to perfection.

In other words, the integral approach is important predictor of sustainable economic growth and development.


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