“Sports knew how. Sports allows students that do

“Sports Program” The sports program is a well needed part of school.

Our sports program allows us to play football, netball, and basketball. It allows us to have an outlet form our studies. That is what the sports program was designed to do. To challenge our competitive spirit in a positive way. A sport not only allows us to let go of some energy but it also helps us to become a well rounded person. On our school logo it says spiritually, mentally, and physically, before the sports program came about all we were concerned with were the spiritual and the mental/academic.

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Most of our students here at Bermuda Institute if not al are doing fairly well in both of those departments. While we do need those two aspects they do not make us a well rounded person. I know for my self that when I first came to B.

I.They did not have a sports program. That was a great disappointment to me, because at my old school we had a sports program. I did not enjoy my ninth grade year as much as I could have because I did not know how to express my love for my school without playing basketball. That caused me to look at my school in a negative way.In tenth grade we began the sports program. Although we did not do extremely well it allowed me to express my love for my school the way that I knew how.

Sports allows students that do not have good grads to get there grades up to par. You have to have above a certain G.P.

A. to play sports, and if they wish to play sports they get the required Grade Point Average. I really.

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