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Sports is something almost half the world does play and watches on social media around the globe. Most sport professionals earn great deals of money. To most sport professional’s sports is part of their lives. It is something they can’t live without and is very important to them according to what I know they are very passionate in playing their sport. Apparently some people may think that sports is merely a game and is irrelevant for multimillion dollar industries. While on the other hand some people may think that sports is very important and they deserve what they get. Globally people flock to sporting events to watch their favorite teams and athletes.

In my opinion, sports are a very important daily life workout and are actually something everybody should add to their routines. Personally experiencing our favorite athletes bring joy and honor not just to me but almost everybody. Cheering them on and holding up their logos is such a fun sight to watch. Many of those athletes have big stories to tell and would love to share their achievements. I myself have experienced some sports myself and came to understand how much work is takes. It took quit the amount of patience and time to adopt it.

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Some people in other important professions may think it is unfair that some of the athletes get higher salaries than them. They also think sports is not comparable to their profession. People in other important professions most likely think they put much more effort and work to their jobs than the sports profession but still don’t get the same amount of salaries. Not knowing how much energy, time and effort both professions equally take.

Thus it could be problematic for the individuals who claim false information about other professions they are not a part of. It is more likely to cause misunderstandings and arguments. Most importantly those sport athletes get great achievements and are very successful at their profession. In conclusion, all professions should be respected and should be looked as equally important. They should not be compared in any way since almost all professions have some work that goes to it. All professions should be satisfied with their salaries.


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