Sports are a great way to make

Sports are a very important part of culture in many countries, and many students’ play sports in schools.

More than 10,000 kids in this world play sports. Competitive sports are definitely good for kids. There are so many things from sports. They can stay healthy it is necessary to get prepared for their grown up lives. That’s why competitive sports are important for kids Competitive sports keep kids healthy. The author (Eileen booker) says, “Competitive sports are a great way to make kids active.

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” The research shows that “competitive build physical strength and influencing healthy lifestyle.” This proves that sports are must important for kids to have a healthy lifestyle, and competitive sports teach young kids how to live healthy. A sport teaches kids other important things, like being part of a team. Playing sports can also affect your ability to focus. According to (Eileen booker), “They learn how to handle pressure and how to work hard”. This proves that the part of team can teaches us confidence and self-esteem.

Sports can help students focus on their health and on their work. The research shows that “when kids see that everyone gets to play, they hopefully start to thinks about the group as a whole, and not just themselves”. This proves that kids can learn to value other team members. Opponents of competitive sports argue that playing sports is not good for kids. They would say that if kids are on team they will never focus on their education and students will got higher grade when they were on no team.

In reality, playing competitive sports is actually good for kids because according to the author (Lucy rector Filippo) says, “kid’s sports have become much more competitive. Kids want to participate in teams so they can have a good time, make friends and learn something new. As you can see, playing competitive sports is really good for kids. It helps them to stay healthy and have a good life. Competitive sports are so helpful for kids and for young.


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