Sport most popular sport activity that has aided

Sport is already becoming intrinsically linked with national identity, harmony and unity.

It’s no news that it’s a well-accepted language and culture all around the world. It has been recognized as a way and means of bringing nations together under one atmosphere. Many a time people only see sports for its competitive attributes but hardly do they see its high potential in reuniting countries and persons, crossing borders and boundaries and creating a great atmosphere of peace and friendship all of which contributes to the journey of conflict resolution. Let me start by explaining the word conflict.

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, conflict is a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one between two or more persons of interest. Sports has been playing a vital role in conflict resolution for a very long time and The Olympic Truce (Eikencheiria) of the 9th Century BC is proof of the power that sports have in conflict resolution.Bonded by a very common interest and goals, One of the most popular sport activity that has aided in many ways than one in conflict resolution is the game of football. A little feud between two friends can easily be settled by a little friendly match in football .


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