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It took me a while to decide whether I liked or disliked Rebecca Gilman's "Spinning into butter", in its production at the UIS Theatre after reading the book. Even though the production had some flaws, it was successful for many reasons.

The set designed by Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson works well in the smaller theater. I was extremely pleased with the elements of Sarah's office: the room, the flowers, the carpet, and the windows, the two books shelves which form part of the wall, the pictures and the furniture.Even though the theatre space looks small, the scenic designer made the office appear to be large. The set was original and looked expensive. The quality of the design made it believable as a rich university office. The neatness of the set showed contrast with the ugliness of the words and actions that took place within it. I had a problem with Chris Ray's sound effect.

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Chris chose to use songs during scene changing. I recommend instrumental sounds than the songs because songs with words can send messages that either could be confusing or influence the audience. Using sounds can help create a natural pacing during the scene changes as well as enhance the upper-class and original feeling that the set projects. Wes Abbott's lighting effects added the right touches in changing time from day to night. It also created more or less a realistic office atmosphere; but I had problems with the main stage lighting, which was too high or too bright during the Act 2, and also blackouts during scene changing. The blackouts disrupted the flow of the play. The designer could.

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