South country is also less susceptible to

South Korea has a clement climate with four distinct seasons.

Its weather is greatly affected by the air currents of the Asian continent, which creates its extreme temperatures during the summer and winter while producing the northeast Asian monsoons at the same time. Thus, winters are typically long, frigid, and dry while summers are short, searing and humid. The weather is nice during spring and autumn, but the seasons are fairly short. In addition, South Korea collects an adequate amount of rain each year, usually receiving more than 100 centimeters of rainfall. Most of the annual precipitation takes place in the months of June through September. The total precipitation varies every year, though, and a severe drought tends to transpire every eight years.

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The country is also less susceptible to typhoons compared to Japan or Taiwan, but one to three typhoons occur each year, primarily in August. These typhoons bring violent rain, and the flooding causes significant damage from time to time.


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