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South Africa includes a lot of amazing ecotourism destinations such as Camp Jabulani, Singita Lebombo, Namaqua National Park and Hermanus. This article will concentrate on Camp Jabulani. Camp Jabulani is one of the luxurious safari lodges that opened in 2004. Its balance between the demand of conservation and guests needs. Camp Jabulani has six large suites all with pools and they are well separated from each other.

Each suite at the hotel has a fireplace, pool and luxury bedding. Camp Jabulani was built to help an expanding herd of twelve elephants saved from veterans who intended to kill each elephant. Camp Jabulani was opened by the joining efforts from the elephant’s caretakers and the camp owners with the aim of helping fund the care of the elephants and giving the guests an experience to interact with elephants. The camp is characterized as a special ecotourism place.

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Indeed, Camp Jabulani prides its obligation to sustainability efforts. As an example, they are using river filtered water to supply the suits. Camp Jabulani guests can participate in special wildlife experiences. It has a center for endangered species that allows guests to interact with leopards and other species.

Unlike other hotels, Camp Jabulani offers an eco-friendlier option to its guests.


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