This character, found interest in this person.

This is a Reading Loga.

July 16, 2007 2:20pm-2:45pmb. 17 pagesc. ¡°The boy purposely passed directly in front of the girl. In the same way that children stare at a strange object, he stopped and looked her full in the face. The girl drew her eyebrows together slightly. But she continued staring fixedly out to sea, never turning her eyes toward the boy. Finishing his silent scrutiny, he had gone quickly on his way¡¦¡±d.

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Page 8, spoken by the narrator Ever Since the beginning of the novel, Shinji is explained as a skilled fisherman who is flunking his last year in high school. Thought he may not be ¡®book smart,¡¯ the author shows the strong will of Shinji of becoming a full time fisherman. With the dedication of know what to become in the futures, it seems nothing can get in the way of his dreams until this passage.After reading this part of the book, I immediately knew that Shinji, the main character, found interest in this person. They way the author explained how Shinji looked at the new girl, it¡¯s obvious that he already has feelings for this person. I believe that Shinji is going to later find a way to get close to her and end up falling in love.

I can relate to this situation because I remember a time when I saw a new face at church. At first I was confused and curious about whom this person was and just ignored the whole idea of the new girl. A week later I couldn¡¯t stop looking and began to like her. Through my experience I can predict that Shinji will fall for the girl he met at the beach.

a. July 16, 2007 2:50pm-3:00pmb. 5 pagesc. ¡°God, let the seas be calm, the fish plentiful, and our village more and more prosperous. I am still young, but in time let me become a fisher man among fishermen.

Let me have much knowledge in the ways of the sea, in the ways of fish, in the ways of boats, in the ways of the weather¡¦ in everything. Let me be a man with surpassing skill in everything¡¦ Please protect my gentle mother and my brother who is still a child. When my mother enters the sea in the diving season, please protect her body somehow from all the many dangers¡¦ Then there¡¯s a different sort of request I¡¯d like to make¡¦ Some day let even such a person as me be granted a good-natured. Beautiful bride¡¦ say someone like Terukichi Miyata¡¯s returned Daughter¡¦¡±d. Shinji is speaking on page 25 After seeing more of Shinji¡¯s expression towards the new girl, name Hatsue, it becomes obvious that he likes her a lot. Since the story is taken place in third person view, the readers have a hard time distinguishing the true personalities of each character. But when I encountered this dialogue at the end of the second chapter, I was able to know a little more about Shinji. Through this prayer, I was able to know what he desires such as becoming a high class fisherman, protecting his mom and brother, and lastly finding a wife.

After reading this dream, I predict that Shinji is going to try harder than ever to do all of these with a stronger will. As a Christian, I pray often about things similar to Shinji. Through my prayers I feel comfortable and tell God about things that I truly desire. After reading this passage, I can relate to Shinji because these things are what he truly desire revealing a gentle personality.a.

July 16, 2007 3:10pm- 3:50pmb. 35 pagesc. ¡°The living quarters provided for the lighthouse-keeper was one-story house of three rooms. Everything about it was kept as neat and polished as the lighthouse itself. A steamship-company calendar hung on the wall, and the ashes in the sunken hearth of the sitting-room were always neatly shaped up around the charcoal.

Even in their daughter¡¯s absence, her desk stood in on corner of the parlor, its polished.

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