Sound diegetic word originated from the Greek word

Sound in film refers to everything we hear in a movie including words, sound effects and music.

According to Walker (2016), it can be defined in a very wide range and could be divided into a variety of components such as dialogue, music and sound effects. Sound is also essential for film to create mood in the film, telling us the location or time of a certain scene. The types of sound in film is divided into two which is diegetic and non-diegetic (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). Diegetic sound are all those audio elements that come from sources inside the film or on screen. Meanwhile, non-diegetic sound refers to all those audio elements that come from outside of the fictional world we see on the screen.The diegetic word originated from the Greek word “diegesis” that means recounted story or narrative style story telling.

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Diegetic sound can also be defined as the actual sound from the movie itself (Thom,1999). Technically, diegetic sound is whose source is visible on the screen or implied to be present by the action in the film. There are few examples of diegetic sound which is voices of the characters which is the dialogue or narration we can actually hear in the movie, sounds made by the objects visible in the screen, and also the music represented as coming from instruments in the story space. Diegetic sound can be either on screen or off screen depending on its source within the frame or outside the frame.

Hence, diegetic sound may sound real but in reality, they did not have to be directly recorded because sometimes sound effects might be the better choice to go with in your film (Tom, 2018) .


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