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I believe that young college students
should postpone marrying until they graduate because the dual role, as students
and spouses, may overburden them. Studies and marriage are two areas in the
life of an individual; both demand involvement and effort from the individual. An
individual’s failure in meeting the requirements in their marital and
educational lives may result in their distress and may affect their
self-esteem. Postponing marriage until graduation will positively impact the
areas- education and marriage- in an individual’s life.

Generally, an individual completes
graduation at the end of their adolescence and then attempt to gain
self-reliance by making career decisions. Students may find earning solutions
such as freelancing and part-time jobs, but not always be able to meet all the
requirements subsequent to a marriage, such as rearing children, paying rent
for a couple’s apartment, and attending to their commitments. A promising
career aids an individual in gaining financial stability and thereby in engaging
in a good marital life: a non-graduate has lesser such career opportunities
than a graduate. Financial insecurity and the responsibilities in marital life
may impose burdens on the partners and may result in dissatisfaction. Even
though I admit that financial stability does not alone assure a stable marital
life, I strongly believe that dissatisfaction may ruin a relationship.

Additionally, a student has a busy
schedule during their final semesters or years because of heavy scholastic
works. Likewise, marriage is a covenant of commitments which a partner should
never want to fumble. A busy schedule may never allow an individual to be emotionally
free and dedicated: marriage further demands emotional dedication from the
partners, and in case one fails, it severely affects their marital life. I am
of the view that an average individual may not be able to perform
satisfactorily in both the mentioned spheres at a time due to the emotional

Financial insecurity and emotional
perturbations may severely affect a marital life, and it is desirable to avoid
them. Marrying during studies may overburden an individual and deny them the
opportunities to gain stable living circumstances and emotional maturity. Hence,
I strongly believe that a student should postpone marriage until they graduate.


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