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Reading JournalBy: Vladimir MachulskiyWeek 7“Soldier’s Home”The whole emphasis of this story lies in the life of a young solider who had served his purpose to his country and returned home only to find the closest place to his hart change dramatically before his eyes. The war has changed him and because of that change he has never completely recovered and event felt left out by everyone in the city except for his sister and his mom. His father was the man he feared and didn’t like as the story revels and when we find out that his father let him use the car for the “first time” we can see that as the attempt by the father to strengthen the bond …but it is too late, because now the solider feels like all this is just a pathetic attempt by his mother to make his father do something for him he’s own son.

Week 9“I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud”This paper explores the purpose and usage of flowers in poetry using William Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" as an example. It focuses on Wordsworth's choice of words and also on the greater profound concept that he is trying to depict. The first part of the paper focuses on interpreting the poem. It shows how Wordsworth eloquently uses figurative language, imagery, and personification to describe a scenic display of daffodils. The second part of the paper offers an analysis of the poem.

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In particular, it examines the concept of the futility of the individual when compared to the collective good of society, as shown in the context of man versus nature.“Pied Beauty” Gerard’s belief in an omnipotent Creator enabled him to see an especial beauty in the world of Nature – the unpredictable, untamed patterns of the wilderness combining to form a whole far greater than the sum of its parts, glorious and 'true'. But what sets his verse apart from thehordes (I use the word advisedly) of Victorian nature poets was his ability to merge form and content to such a degree of utter perfection – his poetry _sounds_ right; his word-paintings leap off the printed page without traversing the intervening bridge of ordinary 'meaning'.Consider the structure of today's poem – there's a riot of assonance and alliteration, but it's combined with a an unusually high consonant-density; there's a strong underlying rhythm in the pattern of the stresses, but it's.

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