Soft Skills essay

Classification of Soft Skills It is broadly classified into two categories: personal traits L]elementariness traits Personal traits Personal traits includes following : C]Time management – It is the art of doing more in a given time. It is a technique to boost one’s productivity by focusing primarily on the few and important, rather than the many and urgent.

These are very important for achievers and critical for career growth. Attitude It is a very critical personal attribute that expose the real you.Every interaction Of a person with another reflects his attitude. Attitude is how a person reacts in a particular situation . Attitude could be positive, negative, titivated, denominated, humble, arrogant etc. Transportability – It may be a simple word but hard to practice. Responsible behavior is highly sought after in any organization.

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People who can take full ownership of a task and offer no excuses are seen as being dependable. It basically reflects person’s attitude whether they take responsibility as a strength or weakness.Ethics, integrity, values and trust – There isn’t any other personal attribute that is more important than one’s ethics, values and trustworthiness.

These are important soft skills that strongly color the mind of management either positively or negatively. These represents degree of professionalism at work. DSSSL confidence and courage – These are attributes which require a sense of personal conviction on the direction. Courageous and and self confident leaders usually get identified by senior management of companies to drive complex tasks such as leading through a downturn.These leaders have the differentiated skill over others and driven solely by what they feel is right.

Distinctions and Predictability – Consistency is easy to understand but immensely hard to practice . It is the key because it makes one across as reliable. Predictability is the rate of success in implementing a given task or work in a particular time. Interpersonal traits includes following: teamwork and Interpersonal skills: It is a key component that has a high correlation with one’s career progression as most activities today involve s great extent on how a person works in a team environment.These skills not only enhances the all-round productivity of an organization but also creates a positive ambiance in the organization.

Communication and networking: Both written and verbal communication is a critical soft skill. A strong communicator easily earns respect for himself and make other believe in himself. A related but extended skill of communication is networking. It involves talking with friends,family members and acquaintances about one’s goals and interest and desires.Template and listening skills- Listening skills coupled with empathy is a careful blend of being perceptive, considerate and understanding of the other’s viewpoint.

These are very important today especially in leadership roles . These are not easy skills and must be inculcated over a period of time by conscious effort. Deplorable solving , Troubleshooting & Speed- Reading – problem solving and troubleshooting are systematic and scientific processes of reaching for the source of a problem and resolving it. Doing this proactively is a smart skill to posses.Since any problem quickly gets senior management attention, key role played here to diffuse the situation using this skill gets recognized by the organization. Dealership: One of the most important soft skills is leadership skill.

The capability of leading a team confidently to the satisfaction of all stakeholders is an essential attribute of a good leader. Leadership qualities can be developed by a combination of qualities such as courage, vision, integrity, quick thinking ability, persistence and Strong will power.

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