Socially: the employees whose work is to

Socially: so many people are getting jobs by the transforming of land, so many big malls and factories are open and they provides the job to the needy people due to this the ratio of poor people is decreasing and still so many people are working in the industries that cut down the trees.

If there were to be a law placed on the ban of deforestation then all of the employees whose work is to cut trees will lose their job.Ecologically: there some bad effects of deforestation on us like i belong to a farmers family we did farming from a long period, But due to increase in the population increased the need of land for cultivation and building houses. Lot of forest is being cut down resulting in lowering the rainfall in that region. This resulted in ecological imbalance, this effected our villages with famine for some time. Gradually knowing the importance of trees people started to grow at least a tree for a house, government is taking measures to maintain the ecological balance

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