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Socialization Types1. Primary Socialization: This is the first in which the individual goes through in childhood through d she becomes a member of society. It occurs in the first years of life and refers to the family. It is characterized by a strong emotional element. Depends on the child's learning capacity, which varies along psycho-evolutionary development. The individual becomes what they consider significant other (they are adults who have played the game, because the child is not involved in the election of their significant others, identifies with them almost automatically) without causing problems in identification. Primary socialization ends when the concept of the generalized other has established itself in the consciousness of the individual.

By now the member is an effective member of society and the subjective position of a self and a world.2. Secondary Socialization: Is any further processing which encourage individuals and socialized into new sectors of the objective world of society.

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Is the internalization of underworld (partial realities that contrast with the world of base acquired in elementary sociology) based on institutional or institutions. The individual discovers the world of his parents is not unique. The emotional charge is replaced by teaching techniques that facilitate learning. It is characterized by the social division of labor and social distribution of knowledge.

Relationships are established by hierarchy.3. Socialization ProcessIt is the manner in which members of a community learning cultural models of society, assimilate and become their own personal rules of life.According to Durkheim:* Social facts are external to the individual.* Social Done: A way of acting, thinking and feeling external to the individual, and possessing a power of coercion under which it imposed.* Education plays the role of integrating members of society through common behavioral patterns, which could not have agreed spontaneously.* The purpose of society is to create members in his image.* The individual.

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