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Social organisations and relationships are a great learning tool. Children who are grouped together to work on tasks will start to develop a strong learning relationship.When children are grouped you will notice that the dynamics will often change on particular tasks, where a child who is more confident with the task will take the lead over a child who was more confident on another task.

Children are put into groups to help them thrive to the best of their potential, they are sometimes put with children of a similar level of understanding to their own. Some children who are easily distracted are put into smaller with adult supervision to help encourage them to stay on task and keep focused.A potential issue that could arise with group learning is that some children may take over and always answer questions before the others. This can lead to the other children not being able to voice their opinions, ideas or views in the group.This could then cause the group to have ineffective communication and some children not fully understanding the task they have been set.

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Children are grouped in different ways for e.g to better suit their ability, SEN groups or mixed ability ability groups, mixed ability groups are great as they can help children to encourage and motivate others in the group whilst helping them gain confidence and a sense of achievement because they have helped another child.Children are encouraged to participate in after school clubs at Chafyn Grove, this is one of their “Chafyn challenges” . After school clubs are a great opportunity for the children to form relationships with others not only in the same year group but also across Pre-prep.


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