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The development of internet has spread of social networks which have become the essential part of everyday life cycle. Modern social media has formed new communication through different application updating day by day just like talking via phones, internet call through new developed application. Lot of teenagers spend hours by surfing the net, looking into social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Snapchat, etc.., Everybody watches television, including the children in the families. Besides reality TV advantages function, the television gives negative effects which are dangerous for family life and the individuals. The TV keeps one snared for a considerable length of time, causing family relationships to diminish and personal connections to debilitate.
People cannot deny the technology because technologies are changing day by day. New advices are coming into society with suspicion and caution. Yet many youthful people do not realize that technology-oriented form of interaction is not a natural human aspect. In addition to the deficiency of natural human interaction caused by social media, social media is invading other areas of human life such as school, work, and relationships. Now a day’s most of the people can’t imagine their life without social media. They have become the victims of it. It has a positive impact on our daily lives for some sort, but more of the negative impacts on society. These are like slow poisons if once addicted you can’t imagine your life without it Kharehka Ramey November 25(2012). Throughout the world billions of people are using these social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat….etc. millions and billions of messages sent daily and posts updated every second. Most of the people are excited to share their personal life and pictures on social media accounts to get artificial happiness in some sort of likes. Even some of them are into depression. As the technology become cheap day by day people are more affordable in buying these gadgets and started using it by simply installing apps and allowing others to see personal details. Some people with lack of knowledge using these social accounts end up in hacking and sharing personal details with unknown people became problem for them in future. The efficient solution for avoiding the negative influences of Social media is to reduce the time of watching. Families should control themselves wisely and do more outdoor activities with kids and family functions and by reading books to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Furthermore, watch good educational programs and comedy which make you laugh that carry health content, engage in positive activities and encourage people to develop good habits and retrain for bad behavior.

The good side of the spread of TV across the world is that they fill the information gap in seconds. Channels like Discovery and National Geographic increase our knowledge. They have effectively filled information gap globally. The other side of the coin is now a day’s families are very much addicted to television as they are affecting the youth social life .The television has many effects on family life and the individual, causing family bonds to undo and the individual to become native of their surroundings. The TV keeps one busy for hours on end, causing family relationships to diminish and personal relationships to weaken. Not only does the TV seem to be a good alternative to conversations and interactions amongst one another, but it also helps to create a gap between the imaginary world of TV and reality. Since the invention of the television, it has become a important part in everyday household life. Children spend less time with family, because it is easier to sit and watch and be entertained by the TV. Family members separated into groups and watch channels of their interest together, though they talk to each other little. TV watching is leading to a situation where husband and wife find no time to discuss about their children or their own relationship. Many food items, which were prepared at home with love and care, are no longer prepared at home, thanks to TV. They are bought off shelf from food stores. Can the food preparations be compared to the food bought from market which can match the home made food which is prepared with love and care? I say no. This is another negative aspect of TV addiction.

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To begin with, there are large numbers of factors which are responsible for owing the reality TV which has a number of negative effects. Reality TV shows has a major hand in the behaviors of our society. House wives and children show their great affection towards watching reality television. It is evident that the reality television universe is emerging and not in the best way so, behaviors we see on the television, like verbal and physical alterations and shameless partying , is what occurs in society as well when it comes to reality television, according to Green, Lewis ; Dodd, (1999) television addiction was significantly associated with addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, and the internet, and that the greatest “degree of addiction” was to exercise, caffeine, television, and alcohol. Social networking sites are quick and easy way of getting latest news, One can make a news viral in seconds that it can reach millions of people around the world. These social networks had a bad impact on general Media like print media and press, advertising….etc. People started using social apps to get information and news at very low cost. The way of advertising in print media is almost reduced and targeting through these social accounts become viral and more profitable by reaching more number of people in less time without any hassle.

Finally, I conclude that Social Networks have great impact on Media and Reality TV’s in both positive and negative ways. But, it should be noted that excess of everything is bad. Parents should guide the children; let them know the negative impact of it so that they are in their limits of using it. Are you still in thought of using social media accounts for hours and hours? Or will you decide to start making gentle improvements to your life?
Greenberg J.L. Lewis S.E & Doad D.K (1996).Overlapping addictions and self-esteem among college men and women: Addictive behaviours.24,565-571.


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