Social government activity, or cyber terrorism. Social

Social networking has increased in popularity a-lot in the last few years. It has increasingly shown more downsides than upsides.

Whether it be through, physical connection, shady government activity, or cyber terrorism. Social networking has impacted many people in a negative way. Everyone must be willing to make a stand against these things to make a change, will you?REASON 1: PHYSICAL CONNECTION. Nowadays most people prefer to use social networking over real social contact. “As our online friendships increasingly supplant our in-person friendships, our online personalities begin to replace our old self.” This means that by having all of these fake personas on the internet leads many people to think that these fake personas are the real them. REASON 2: SHADY GOVERNMENT ACTIVITY.

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The government also has shown in many cases that they can’t be trusted with this tool just as much as we can’t. “For children of the 20th century there is something else very alarming in the idea of channeling so many of our interactions through the internet.” That means that everything that we do on the internet is watched and analyzed, creepy huh? REASON 3: CYBER TERRORISM.”It is no coincidence that online communities are single most fertile recruiting ground for terrorism” This and many other quotes are a shining example of how social networking is bad for society, cyber terrorism has been a huge setback on humanity’s track. “Social disproval is an important tool for discouraging destructive behavior and extremism when online communities offer a meeting place for outcasts, the shunning of these tendencies loses its force.” Furthermore, that is why I believe that social networking over the internet has led to the biggest cases of cyber terrorism there is.

In conclusion, based on the evidence given. It is safe to say that social networking over the internet has led to many cases of distress. Rather than bringing humanity one step closer I believe it has only driven us apart. It has rooted itself so deeply into society it might never leave. What do you think about all of this?


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