Social Media Final Exam Analytical Research Paper October 21

Social Media Final Exam Analytical Research Paper
October 21, 2018
Name: Denise Bowen
Instructor: Professor Maria E. Sliwa

According to Forbes, social media influencer marketing can be defined as a form of marketing, which is placed on specific key individuals and this concept of a brand hiring consists of a popular personality to promote a product or service because brands know that celebrity endorsements can sell products. ( As media and technology have become more advanced, companies can choose from a range of options in outlets to market their products by using a platform such as Facebook and Instagram’s image-sharing app with about 1 billion users worldwide. These platforms are two of the most popular platforms for influencer marketing, and the site relies on key thought leaders. Regarding Professor Maria E Sliwa’s compilation of coursework and forum, Week 6-The Convergence of Social media illustrates the rise of social media, and we have learned that the platform opens up a new channel for brands to connect with consumers on personal social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. Nine out of ten (88.9%) worldwide influencers are using Instagram for marketing campaigns, report cited by eMarketer in comparison to a report compiled by Hootsuite and We Are Social, 40% of the world’s population actively use social media, which means that there are now over 3 billion logging into social media accounts. In addition, Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2016’s article, Social Media Becomes a Major News Source by author John Gingerich states “approximately 50,000 people in 26-countries reports- that social media is now a more important source for news than the television news industry for every age group categorized under the age of 45, a desired medium preferred now by older generations”.

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How does my former employer, Starworks Group address strategies for reaching out and extending offers to specific kinds of influencers? I had informed my former manager about HYPR, which is an influencer marketing platform that aims to access and houses influencer audience demographic, consolidate influencer evaluation, relationship building, therefore having access to this data solidifies a paramount of successful marketing campaigns. HYPR saves me the time when searching, for example, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram social engagement to book her for the Calvin Klein campaign, because HYPR’s tool analyze data to calculate how many celebrities and influencers are rewarded for a post on the social media platform and it factors her average engagement thus making Kim, one of the most requested celebrities social media influencers. In addition, the site integrates various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more, therefore if a brand is not using social media influencer marketing as a strategy to better attract its target audience, now may be the time for the company to start evaluating their advertising strategy.


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