Social Media can be used

Social Media can be used in a marketing plan to decipher whereabouts most of your audience is by using the page insights to see how many likes come from what countries, and to be able to see which posts are more successful than others, that way companies can plan out which products to do promotions on and which ones that won’t get as much business.It also can be used to promote an item which might not be selling as well as they had hoped, to get the sales for that particular product higher.

The can use Facebook and Twitter to do giveaways to increase both engagement and amplification, which will hopefully increase return of investment for that company.Social Media helps to find your content marketing voice. This is how we write our video captions, product descriptions, everything that will be seen by the public. The voice we use when writing is how you want the language to come across:Informal – for teen and adolescents, some twenty year olds even, they use slang and words like ‘Sweet’ ‘Awesome’ ‘Cool’ to describe things, so you’d want your writing to use some of those words to get them to engage with it.Example – ‘This awesome watch is so cool, and gold too!’Formal – for older audiences (55+), slang would not be acceptable as they might not get the meaning behind it and get confused, so when writing for an older audience I’d be more articulate and used more descriptive words.Formal – ‘This beautifully crafted watch is made from 9ct gold.’

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