Social questions regarding the moral implication of

Social workers encounter ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Social workers are often involved in many challenges and put in hard situations. In this assignment, I will be discussing two situations in how social workers may be placed in a dilemma. Social workers have to understand the origins of many values and take into account their own personal values and being aware how those could influence their decisions.     The first dilemma is right to self-determination.  This means the client is in charge of making their own decisions and finding solutions to problems. A social worker may provide direction, but they may not allow their opinions and personal beliefs to influence the client.  Ethical dilemmas may occur when the social worker feels the client is making a decision that may have a negative outcome.  Aristotle may say that it is the client’s fault for doing something that leads to a negative result. He would say the client does not have happiness and has the vice of humility. He would also say that if the client used their reason properly they could control their emotions largely, and could live harmoniously and happily.     The second dilemma is differences of morals and values. All social workers have their own set of morals. They are often confronted with circumstances in which their morals and values conflict with those of their client. Aristotle would handle the situation by looking at his theory of morals. He would offer guidance by stating that moral virtue is merely a matter of performing well in the function of being human. He would indicate that every man is not the same and has different characters. I agree with Aristotle at some points especially with his theory of morals. Practice is the key to becoming virtuous, and that will help with each client. New ethical challenges will continue to emerge as social workers interact with people in a changing society. Ultimately social workers need to approach each situation with questions regarding the moral implication of their actions and must be able to justify their actions.


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