* the development of a child contributes a

** Social and emotional developmentSocial and emotional development in a person is very important. This development helps a person to craft their emotional and social aspect. Albert Bandura is a known theorist that develops the Social Learning theory.

According to his theory the behavior of the person can also be acquired through keen observation and modeling. This means that the observation in the early stage of the child’s life. The child can eaily absorb or adapt the things that they hear, see or observe whether it is a live model or though books, television or sounds.

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3.2 Explain how theories relating to child development influence current frameworksThe theories that tackles the development of a child contributes a big impact in understanding each phase of a child’s early years. There are several factors affecting the individuals and most of the time it is case to case basis.The different studies made by the theorist were highly beneficial in determining different behaviors on a child’s early years.

It is also a great way of determining different ways and aspect in honing a child’s behavior and skills.These theories can be used the parents/carers or early learning practitioners as a guide to further understand the development of a children. Through these, the children can be influenced accordingly with proper approach depending on their needs.


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