Smoke a coward for abandoning his family. Thomas

     Smoke signals, a
movie worth watching! This movie is very iconic and important to many people as
well as very entertaining to many others. Smoke signals is a comedy/drama movie
that consists of much story telling. These stories are mostly counted by the
two main characters, Victor and Thomas. They tell these stories mainly for one
reason, being to understand their families and their characters. During the
film these characters stop many people to tell them their stories. However,
these two characters have a very different point of view in one of the major
topics of the stories. That is their opinion about Arnold (Victor’s dad),
Thomas sees Arnold as a “legend” or someone extraordinary, unlike Victor who
sees him as a disgrace recalling his violence and addiction to alcohol.

     The plot of the
story goes something like this: Victor and Thomas are united through Victor’s
dad, Arnold. Arnold protected Thomas as a baby from a house fire that burned
his family. Along these lines, Thomas thinks of him as a legend. He is very
thankful for his actions and sees him as a hero. Then again, Victor, who
perseveres the felling of remorse and hatred sees his father as an abusive
alcoholic who abandoned his family. Victor sees him as the complete opposite,
he sees him as a coward for abandoning his family. Thomas and Victor grow up
together as neighbors and associates, battling with each other and at the same
time shaping a nearby, but uneasy, friendship that held strong. After Victor’s
father dies they both go on an adventure to recover his ashes. This long trip
is the method for Victor and Thomas to investigate their characters. They are
not completely wiped out of their identities as they both know who they are
however their viewpoints on life and way of thinking is very different. They go
through much story telling from their part and others part in order to
recognize who they “truly are”.

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     They both have
different traits and personalities just like you would imagine. This is what
makes their character and helps them developing the stories and making sense of
them. Thomas is a kind person who can be described as a little nerdy. He uses
story telling as a way to connect more with people however his stories and very
different from the truth and the actual reality of the events. He often
exaggerates the truth and make his stories seem much like myths. Thomas has
experience from troublesome facts about his life and friends and family. In the
meantime, Thomas’ adaptation of his life gives everyone around him an illustration
of a very happy and “chill” guy. All of this reflects in his way of
storytelling, and let others know their personalities from counting the tales.

     Unlike Thomas,
Victor is very pessimistic and just sees the bad in things. He is very annoyed
by Thomas behavior towards him and his happiness makes him angry. He does not
sees his father as what Thomas sees as he just sees the bad side of him. He
does not recall his father as being heroic in no way possible. In actuality he
sees him as the opposite he remembers him as a coward who abandoned his family
due to his alcoholism and bad way of living. However his negative way of
thinking is modified a little after getting the ashes from Suzy. He instead of
head off and leave, decides to listen to Suzy’s story which create a different
idea of his dad on him. These stories consist of much of Arnolds life as an
adult and show the type of person he was. This is what made Victor change his
point of view towards his father.

     All in all in the
film smoke signals, individuals are continually recounting stories. All of this
storytelling helps making the plot of the story different from other movies as
well as very entertaining to watch as it shows the character’s true emotions
and felling through these stories. Besides both of the main characters being
very different from each other in their way of thinking they get along very
well and both rely greatly on storytelling to feel better and maybe “cope” with
problems of insecurity and loneliness. 


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