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Laughing Boy by Oliver LaFarge shows the transformations Slim Girls makes, with metaphors to her weaving. Slim Girl basically starts from step one, trying to regain the respect of the people whom she belongs. She was unaware of the basic culture, mannerisms, and “un-spoken rules”. Slim Girl learned a lot through the time she spent trying to re-join the Navajo people; she found out who she was and who she wanted to be In the beginning, Slim Girl was determined to become a Navajo again, and to be excepted by the men and women there. She went to the first dance, and made a fool of herself. She wore an excessive amount of jewelry.

“She was well dressed to show off what she wore; silver and stones with soft highlights and dark shadows glowed against the light blue velveteen of her blouse; oval plaques of silver were at her waist, and ceremonial jewels in the fringe of her sash. Her blue shirt swung with the short, calculated steps, ankle-length above the dull red leggings and moccasins with silver buttons.” (LaFarge 16). Slim Girl wanted to be apart of their heritage, and their culture; she just didn’t know how- so she resorted to Red Man (another Indian man). She didn’t want to be alone, and ignored; like an outsider.

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She resorted to weaving when she felt lonely and ignored, too. She weaved on her loom to feel connected to other Navajo women; she could relate that way. Weaving gave her the feeling of being included an accepted- what she strived for. Slim Girl seemed to be comforted by her weaving. It kept her calm, and made her “Zen”. She resorted to weaving when she became frustrated trying.

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