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Survey Instrument Paper Sleep apnea is one of the leading silent killers in the Unites States. If you were a concerned person, you would be looking into the following symptoms and getting examined.• Falling asleep during the day• Waking up in the middle of the night feeling short of breath• Feeling tired all the timePlease keep in mind if you have any of these symptoms, and if your spouse says you snore at night please get checked out, it is a possibility you may have sleep apnea.

Enclosed in this paper you will find some important data I compiled from a survey I conducted on sleep apnea. In the following data there will be some information that may be disturbing, but very informational. Please if you experience any of the symptoms please get examined.Question 1Do you know any information about sleep apnea?A.

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nothing about itB. have itC. heard about itD. know someone who has itAs you can see in this chart, many people have heard about this medical condition which is good for society (C).There were only a few who didn’t know what it was (A). The you have (B), which was people who have it, and when I conducted the survey no one had it. Also, a few people knew of someone who has this disease (D). It is good to know that our fellow people are informed about this severe condition.

Question 2Are you aware you could have sleep apnea if you are experiencing some of the following symptoms:1. falling asleep during the day2. waking up in the middle of the night feeling short of breath3. feeling tired all the timeA. no ideaB. have some of the symptomsC. have the symptoms listed, plus moreD.

have itFor this question you can see that the largest amount didn’t have any clue about any of the symptoms or what it was (A). The next question involves having some of the symptoms listed, and that question was up there also, meaning that people are experiencing the disease, but are they doing anything about it? (B) Only a few listed that they have those symptoms and even more. If that is the case they need to be evaluated immediately.(C) For the last question there was no number listed, because none of my surveyees had this disease. (D)Question 3Do you know what happens to your body when you have sleep apnea?A. no ideaB.

heard about itC. know someone who has it, and they have told meD. have itAs you can see in this chart, once again there were only a few who had no idea what it was. (A) Of course, you have the people who have heard about, about the same as the people who didn’t know anything about it. (B) There is also a lot of people listed as knowing someone who has it, and have told them about the symptoms. (C) For the last one, no one has the disease.

(D)Question 4Can sleep apnea cause death?A. maybeB. yesC. noD.

no ideaAs you can see in this question, there are a few people who don’t know too much about sleep apnea. A few people said that maybe it can cause death. (A) The answer that had the most responses was this answer, because the people I had complete the survey were somewhat informed of the condition. (B) This answer was somewhat high also, because people had no idea you could die from it. It also made people a little more concerned about it.(C) For this answer, some people didn’t have any idea that you could die from the condition, which means they were not concerned with it.(D)Question 5Who is sleep apnea most common in?A..

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