Skateboarding is My Lifetime Sport essay

It helped my goldfinches as well as being a life coca chi to teach others the things already know. The sport has taken me places I could only dream of being a kid, whether it w as city to city or in competitions with a diverse set of individuals. My experience is a classic one a s it started basic and blossomed into a hobby and then into a job. I got paid in skateboarding merchandise and skateboards, as well as stickers.

The people I met also played an important roll e in my life, meeting business owners who saw the potential in marketing skateboarding revived, as well as upcoming brands who are now well know skateboarding brands. It taught me to be a part of a community where everyone knew of each other in one way or another and all shared the same goals and interests. Street skating and filming is another dimension in its own. It forces you to be creative making a video including a direction and actor, the director being the cameraman and t he actor being the individual skateboarding.

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Angles and lighting are important things to take into consideration as well as tricks and stances used. A well put together video that is short, sweet, simple and “cool looking” will land you a sponsor who will provide you with free merchandise t hat you can do with as you please. The smart move would to be use the products you were gig even to further pursue skateboarding but many have turned their hobby into a job, strictly if Miming for product to sell to local skateboarders or other means. Other skateboarders also get paid to do photo shoots and to be featured in certain brand’s videos.

Once a skater is well known he w ill be approached y several industries the goal is to pick the right one getting paid the most pop Seibel and receive the most possible product. Skateboarding has provided me with experience I couldn’t relate to anywhere else other than Itched, picking and perusing your career in and field they provide. It provide d me with several life experiences that helped me grow up like any other method could. There are several aspects of skateboarding used today to diversify and utilize you skills in the SP rot, the most important being to make it your own and you will go farther in skateboarding.

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