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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a story that shows characteristics of chivalry and trickery. This story is about the Green Knight arriving at the king’s feast one evening. The knight challenges King Arthur and tells him he must meet him one year later to return the challenge. One year later, Sir Gawain starts his journey but stops at a castle along the way and stays there a few days.

The lord of the castle is the Green Knight who also challenges him. The green knight is testing Sir Gawain’s chivalrous values by doing this..One characteristic of chivalry in this story is the game that the Green Knight and Sir Gawain are playing. The Green Knight is testing Sir Gawain to see if he is loyal by presenting games to him in terms of his wife.

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Chivalry during this time included purity and loyalty. When Sir Gawain takes the place of King Arthur, he proves his loyalty. Sir Gawain steps in the place of the king and proves his inner worth asa knight. This game by the Green Knight proves Sir Gawain has characteristics of chivalry by showing respect to authority. The Green Knight continues to test Sir Gawain throughout the story.

His chivalry is tested as the plot to the whole story. The Green Knight challenged Gawain to meet him exactly a year from the time he plots the game so the Green Knight can return what he received..If Sir Gawain does not go to meet the green knight then he is considered a man who does not keep his word.

He meet keep his word to prove he is an honorable and trustworthy knight and if he doesn't he is useless..Bertilak, also known as the Green Knight, tests Sir Gawain with his.

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