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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a compatible model of the features of a medieval romance. To begin with, it highlights Lord Arthur and the knights of the round table. King Arthur and his knights followed a code of chivaly, which contained having honor, courage, sacrifice, and chivalrous relevances. It additionally inclusive committing acts of altruism for the advantage of others.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight completely match with the aspects of a epic knight as the pioneer hero in a medieval romance. Gawain is called out by an enigmatic green knight to snatch his head from his body with a spectacular ax. He make it happen with the mentality that the green knight will return in one year and one day in the future to do the same to Gawain.

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Gawain separate the knight’s head in a single shot, displaying prowess and bravery. Somehow, in a miraculous way , the green knight doesn’t deliver his spirit, and he turns his head and making a promise to come back one day again. After a while, Gawain sets off on an exploration to find the green temple so as to fulfill his side of the compatibility. This feature of Gawain indicates his dignity, as he is a man of his word and showing this even unto death.

It additionally displays his prowess by allowing the green knight to cut off his head.These are two characteristics of a medieval romance. While he was on his journey, he comes across Bertilak de Hautdesert, the possessor of a pleasant castle, and his married woman.Bertilak makes an effort to seduce Gawain, but he rejects her obtrusion and acts honorably toward her, being attentive not to displease her, thus displaying a chivalrous attitude. When Gawain meets the green knight, he submits to the beheading, but the green knight only causes a scratch on his neck. Then he reveals that he is really Bertilak and has been transformed by magic. This is another characteristic of a medieval romance – supernatural elements.

Bertilak tells Gawain that the whole thing was a trick, set up by the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, to test King Arthur’s knights. Gawain is afraid he failed the test, but Bertilak assures him that he conducted himself admirably.


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