Single gender school, there is less drama. Since

Single gender education is generally conducting education of males and females in a separate school. Single gender school is in favor according to the custom and religion of that country. Over the past decade’s debates have been going on about the advantages of single gender school. This essay will discuss that the two effects of single gender school are: there are less pressure on students, and students can concentrate more on their studies.

Firstly, in a school where all student are boys or girls, peer pressure and competition are not highlighted. That is why the playground is on level. There are some school subjects where girls are better than boys like in poetry and languages, but on the other hand boys are better in mathematics than girls.

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That’s why students will be more relaxed and comfortable when they attend single sex school. Beside of this in single gender school, there is less drama. Since there is no opposite gender in school, so you are not going to be jealous about the couples. For example, there is high participation of boys in non-traditional subjects, and in mixed school, boys shy away from joining those classes because of feeling shy, and fear from the opposite gender. At all single gender schools lets single gender to develop in their own pace and build their confidence more.

Another good effect of single gender school is, concentrating of students more on their studies. Single gender school reduces the unwanted disorder from the opposite gender, which help students concentrate on studies. Specially for girls, that it also enables girls to concentrate and work in classes such as mathematics and science, which are dominated by boys and should not be overcome by boys as they judge. For instance, if there is single gender in school, so they will only focus on their academic lessons like if there are no girls in school boys will not waste their time by making fashions and following them.

Conversely, with girls too if there are no boys in that school, so there will be no competition fighting, and also they will answer everything without fear of opposite gender. It means that the only focus will be on studies in single gender schools.In conclusion, single gender schools are better than mixed gender schools. In recent years, single-sex schools have attracted interests of people as an important tool for improving and promoting the academic achievements of the students.

Students say that single gender school is the key of success for improving the academic achievements, because students avoid attraction from the opposite genders. Being in single gender school will let you more to focus only on your studies, talk and answer questions without shyness and fear from the opposite gender.


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