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since today is a good day we don’t have tChildren’s paid work is a common practice in the minority world, although it is not considered proper work by adults.In a study conducted in Belfast on 14-15 years old students, Madeleine Leonard found newspaper delivery to be the most diffused job amongst them (Gasson and Linsell, 2011)From the adults’ point of view, newspaper delivery is viewed as a money making hobby that allows children to still be able to commit to education.

What motivates young people to work is their desire of independence, acquired by earning money, and the belief of having the right to be involved in paid jobs .Since children’s work is not considered a serious job, the concerns and challenges faced by children at work are not taken seriously either. It is common beliefs among parents that by working, children get more benefit than harm.With money being the main motivation of child’s employment, one would expect children work to be more diffused in poor families. Recent researches have proved this to be wrong: children from poor families are actually discouraged to work as their income would affect the benefits their families receive (Gasson and Linsell, 2011).Work conditions for children are not comparable to adult’s one, since their income is usually lower and there is not a lot they can do to change their circumstances, nor are they given the same power adults are given in their work position.

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Policies have come in play to protect children and their rights, but they have focused more on aspects such as the amount of hours that children could work, or their parental consent, rather than their position in the workplace hierarchy.For example, in Denmark there is a legislation that requires children to work side by side with an adult in morning and evening works; but when asked, children expressed this change has left them with a feeling of isolation and exclusion instead of empowerment. (Gasson and Linsell, 2011).Recent studied focused on the compatibility of work with education and showed how, if under a specific amount of hours, work can positively affect educational outcomes.It is the case of a study conducted in New Zealand that found out working children to have more credits than children not involved in any employment (Gasson and Linsell, 2011).o worry about tomorrow


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