Since the smallest groups are being affected. By

Since the environment faces several advances, like the development of several technologies, even the smallest groups are being affected. By this circumstances, the researchers intend to know the pros and cons of the modernization. According to Tönnies (1855-1937) his theory concerning modernization he perceived modernization as the progressive loss of human community (Gemeinschaft). Communities were more homogenous, or similar in terms of race, education, and wealth level. Members of these communities knew each other well and felt a sense of obligation to look after and care for the other members of the group. Basically, because these social groups were less complicated, it was easier to form social bonds. He additionally accepted that modernization initiated individuals in modern societies to drift apart and personal relationships became objective as people became narcissistic (Gesellschaft). As individuals put their personal needs above others loyalty, trust and their views about life become issues.


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