Since dental school in University of the East,

Since I was child I had a deep passion on Biology and Science and I started watching surgical operations on YouTube. I had my metal braces in my teeth in able to have a perfect smile I desired for.

Every month I go to the dental clinic to adjust my braces and I can graphically remember that I was fully paying attention to the dentists’ hands, all the instruments and materials and how they use it. After procedure, that is the time I realized what my future job is, that I was created to create beautiful smiles, Dentistry. I started my dental school in University of the East, one of the best schools who continues to produce world class graduates who are making huge contributions to the Philippine Dentistry because of their complete equipment to exercise dental procedures. We know that many people were having fear on going to the dentists because of painful extractions, surgeries and wisdom tooth removal. This was my struggle in 6 years of pursuing my dentistry career because it’s quite difficult to find someone who is willing to undergo procedures of a dental student. After all the conflicts I’ve encountered, 6 years of hard work, I graduated Magna Cum Laude.

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