Since World War. This subject emerged for the

Since beginning of human civilization victim of crime were always being forgotten man of Criminal Justice System. At that main focus was solely on criminal and crime instead of on victim. In the starting of the 20th century, it absolutely was observed that the status of victim within the Criminal Justice System was very poor and worse.

Victim role was restricted solely inform to the Police regarding the crime and there have been only a few legislative provisions offered for compensation to victims. The position of the victim of crime stay nearly in dark for hundreds of years, however in last three-four decades rights of victim has emerged as key factor of consideration in criminal justice system and victim these days are accepted as a worthy person in proceedings of law and it attracts attention from all nations across the world. Intellectual, academicians, government all are currently starting thinking about the victim of crime and his problem’s remedy is main concern for them these days.The victim of crime was not a subject of criminological research until the finish of Second World War. This subject emerged for the first time in 1940 in leading work of some acclaimed victimologists like Benjamin Mendolson, Hans Von Hentig and Stephen Schafer. Victimology remained shockingly on the outskirts of the criminological research until last few years.

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