Sin his mission to find Esther. Mariah:Has

Sin CityHell and BackA) Wallace:He is good at heart and will put others before himself. Esther:Good looking girl who is running from her problems Mrs. Mendoza:She is a retired nurse and also Wallace’s friendly land lady. Purvis:Employer of Wallace for a magazine. Dr.

Fredrick:Works for the Colonel in kidnapping women. Colonel:Leader of the organized crime in Basin City. Delia:She works undercover for the Colonel.

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Gordo:A big dumb pile of muscle that works for the Colonel. Captain:A friend of Wallace that used to be in the army. Maxine:Works with Delia. Jerry:A friend to Captain and joins Wallace on his mission to find Esther. Mariah:Has the same job as Delia. Lieutenant Liebowitz:Head of the police force and the law.

• Josh:Son of Lieutenant Liebowitz. Hannah:Daughter of Lieutenant Liebowitz.B) Wallace’s house:It has paintings that Wallace is working on and is pretty barren besides the ordinary furniture. The Bar:Filthy and full of drunken lowlifes just trying to get another drink. The Police Station:Ordinary police station with a full drunk tank. Esther’s House:It’s an apartment complex, and it definitely belongs to a girl. Last Hope Motel:A grungy hotel where people go to do bad things.

Basin City School:The school that Josh attends. Jerry’s house:A fairly decent wooden cabin outside of town. Liebowitz’s house:Middle class house with lots of food, booze, and T.V. Factory Complex:A factory north of town that is being used by the Colonel and his people. The Old Farm:A family farm that is used for all sorts of illegal procedures.

C) Cigarettes:Delia smokes them and claims she is Esther’s room mate, but Wallace knows she isn’t because Esther didn’t smoke or smell like smoke. Wallace’s Hair:He has long hair.

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