Essay around, Eustace realizes that they are in

Essay title: Silver Chair

This story starts out at the children's school, else wise called The Experiment House, where Jill and Eustace meet each other. They are both unpopular children who were hiding behind the gym from the other kids when they remembered about the door in the wall surrounding the school. Though the door is generally locked, they hoped it would be open, and it was. They went through in a flurry to find that they were in a totally different place. Looking around, Eustace realizes that they are in Narnia.

When they look over a cliff Eustace, and his stupid bravery, falls off and get blown to land by the biggest lion Jill had ever seen. The lion turns out to be Aslan, who sends Jill to Narnia as well, with instructions. " First; as soon as the boy Eustace sets foot in Narnia, he will meet an old and dear friend. He must greet that friend at once; if he does, you will both have good help. Second; you must journey out of Narnia to the North till you come to the ruined city of the ancient giants.

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Third; you shall find a writing on a stone in that ruined city, and you must do what the writing tells you. Fourth; you will know the lost Prince by this, that he will be the first person you have met in your travels who will ask you to do something in my name, the name of Aslan."What had happened was that the present king of Narnia was very old and needed a replacement, the king has a son (Prince Rilian) but he mysteriously disappeared about 10 years ago. It was the two children's job to find Prince Rilian, and to do this they must follow the steps that Aslan gave to Jill.

Eustace and Jill meet up in Narnia and set out on their journey, early on they meet a marsh-wiggle(Puddleglum) who joins them on their travels. First they must travel to the Wild Waste Lands of the North or the Land of the Giants. It is very rough terrain and very cold, Jill and Eustace are dying for a warm place to.

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