Silence is a powerful expression that has different interpretations depending on the situation.

The indifference of Adolf Hitler towards the Jews resulted in the Holocaust. In the novel, Night by Elie Wiesel silence overpowers injustice. Elie Wiesel was only a 13 year old boy when he, and his family were taken from their home, and later transported to Auschwitz concentration camp. Not many people knew what concentration camps were, it appeared that the had world remained silent, but they did not have proof of these inhumane acts, or in some cases they didn’t even know what was occuring.

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Elie testifies his experience at Auschwitz, as he too believed that the world, and God had remained silent. At the time the Nazis used fake propaganda to make sure the world believed the Jewish were treated fairly. The Holocaust began with Hitler’s hatred, he then established the Laws of Nuremberg in which Jews were deprived form citizenship, and later he conquered silence.


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