Significance effort plus desire to achieve the

Significance of the studyThe aim behind this study was to ascertain English influence outside the classroom. Lightbrown and Spada (1993, p. 40) stated that motivation in second language learning can be defined in two factors; communicative needs of learners, and learners’ attitude toward the second language community.

It is worth mentioningthat learning outside the class is more motivated and has more impact and credibility .Gardner’s study (as cited in Wang, 2006, p. 32) defined motivation as “a combination of effort plus desire to achieve the goal of learning the language.”Learning outside the classroom will help students to be more receptive. In addition, it will increase the learners’ attention to learn English and inspire them to achieve higher English language skill.

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Many scholars suggest that motivation is the key factor to achieve success in second language learning . The finding of the study will be useful for the second language learners in order to find out what mativations encourage and help learners using English language out side the classroom.


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