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JamesProfessor GouletEnglish 101Biography of an Angle: Brent Smith of the band ShinedownBrent Stephen Smith was the only child born on January 10, 1976 in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is an American singer, songwriter and a musician. Also, he is a lead vocalist of the band Shinedown.

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Before Brent was performing for Shinedown, he was in a band called Dreve, which was signed off by Atlantic Records and later sent to Los Angeles, California. It was sent off to be recorded with a well-known producer Desmond Child. When Brent returned to his hometown in Knoxville, Tennessee, the band Dreve had been dropped, leaving Smith.

When that happened, Brent was given a developmental contract by Atlantic records. Ever since then, he has been associated with Atlantic records. That is when Shinedown began to form in the year 2001. Also, the year when Brent moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

Brent recruited Brad Stewart, who was a bassist. As soon he was recruited, him and Smith began writing and recording demos, in a local studio. Until, the owner of the studio, recommended her fiancé to join. Jasin Todd was a guitarist who then joined, then came Barry Kerch as the drummer.

All four began to compose demos, submitting them to Atlantic, who approved the demos in a full-length album. Their album Leave a Whisper was then released on May 27th, 2003. The album was then certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, indicating the sales over one million.

Ever since, Shinedown has been releasing albums. I chose Brent smith because in his songs there are words of wisdom. Many people think rock music talks about death and stuff like that but it’s not like that. Brent, he doesn’t sing about that. There are songs where he describes his feelings or any of the bandmembers emotions.

Here and there it’s about love, happiness and even songs to get you motivated. Music is like a way to tell a story about yourself and others or how you feel about them. He inspires me because it is hard getting involved in the music business, it shows me that he has worked hard all his life to get where he is now. About a year ago, I went to a Shinedown concert and he has that caring side of him, where he tells everyone that it wasn’t easy getting to where he is. It took a lot of work and it just seems like most artists are about competition.

But to him it wasn’t about that, its about showing everyone who you are and what your story is. I would recommend Brent because he is a role model, because not that much artists have that caring side of them, as him. He continues his journey no matter what people say about him, being an artist. Maybe during his childhood, he has had many say he’s not going to succeed in life.

Now he is an inspiration to many people. Many take his words and lyrics as advice, many of us live by it. But to this day he and his band members work together getting these songs created and performed for everyone’s entertainment and support.

In the end, I know that all his work paid off, because I do look up to him. It is very inspiring that you can turn your emotions into a song and share it with the whole and knowing that your voice is heard. But also relieving everyone that are going through hard times, letting them know the bright side, and moving on with a strong heart.


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