Should “The male Jews of working age were

Should The Policemen be put on Trial? I personally believe that the policemen in Reserve Police Battalion 101 should be placed on trial for murder.

The first chapter of the book states that Trapp explained the men what they had to do, he offered any of the older men among them to leave the mission if they decided that they did not want to carry out with it.That is what I feel is the main argument here.They were given the option to leave, and those who did not leave, and killed the Jews in Jozefow should be put on trial for murder.They pulled the trigger, and nobody forced them to do it.Yes, you can argue that they were orders, and they did not want to look like cowards in front of their comrades, but what they are dealing with is murder.That should be enough of a reason not to do it.

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To kill not only one person, but over a thousand people so that you do not look like a coward in front of your comrades is a very pathetic thing. On the other side of the coin, we have the thought that they should be placed on trial because they committed murder to unarmed civilians, and most of the men did not take up the offer to withdraw from the mission. These German soldiers were to take “The male Jews of working age were to be separated and taken to a work camp.The remaining Jews-the women, children, and elderly-were to be shot on the spot by the Battalion”(Browning 2).The men in this battalion were to round up all of these Jews, lie them down, and shoot each and every one in the back of the neck.

That is murder.They did this because the Jews had instigated the American boycott that had damaged Germany.I do not think that killing thousands of them is the best way to resolve this issue. Many Jews were taken to killing graves, and they began at the last row of the barracks.They would make them undress, and then they would put them into killing graves.Heinrich Bocholt gave a very descriptive account of what he saw.“Behind each shooter stood several other SD men who constantly kept the magazines of.

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