Should earth. Trees also help animals hide

Should students textbooks be replaced with notebook computers? What do you think? Personally I say yes, textbooks should be replaced with notebook computers.

We would be conserving trees and reducing health problems! Here are some reasons why I think students textbooks should be replaced with notebook computers. To begin with, trees are a very important part of our lifestyle. They give us oxygen so we can breathe and live on planet earth.

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Trees also help animals hide from poachers and it gives them a habitat. For example, my friend saw people cutting down trees and getting rid of tree trunks in a forest a few months ago when they were headed to their cabin. Therefore, the forest helps us get away from society and maybe go off the grid it also help animals. In addition, you can get health issues from all of your books such as scoliosis and really bad muscle pain in your back and shoulders. You get scoliosis when your backpack is really heavy because of all your books. Additionally, all the pain from the back makes you unfocused during class. Therefore, we should have computers.

Our computers act as the books and hold all of our information and they make our backpacks much lighter. One time my sister complained about her back hurting at school in the morning because she had really big books in her backpack. My last reason is, books become outdated really fast. Then you will have to replace them every year and textbooks are very expensive. In addition, if you are not careful enough the pages in the book will rip. My dad bought me a computer on Amazon at home mid day because it was my birthday in a few days.

Books are very fragile and get old and outdated overtime. To conclude, Those were only some of the reasons why we should replace textbooks. There are many more out there for you to find. You can agree or disagree with me, but everyone has their own opinion.

Computers store all of our data and it keeps us from losing our work. Books and paper can rip or get thrown away. Those were some reasons why textbooks should be replaced with notebook computers.


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